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Enclosed Study Reveal

Dear Friends, Mr. C’s study is ready for occupancy.  It has been for a little while now.  Thank goodness for that – he needs his designated place for work stuff and I’m more than thrilled that he has it now.  Read between the lines if you will but everyone needs their own little space, right? […]

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Adventures in the ER

Dear Friends, Last weekend was fall break and we had quite the adventure. As a result I’ve been two steps behind all week long.  Sounds fun, right?  Nah -not so much.  We actually spent many, many hours at the emergency room because Reid had a strange reaction to a virus.  Basically, he was a busy, […]

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Fall Front Porch

Dear Friends, Our new little slice of paradise is in a Norman Rockwell type of neighborhood.  So of course, everyone goes all out for Halloween.  People are definitely getting their decorating on and I was excited to jump on the bandwagon. Call it keeping up with the Joneses or consider me inspired but I want to have […]

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Fall Home Decor

Dear Friends, Well, I did get that plastic bin down after all.  I had just a little fall decorating in mind but got caught up in the fun and let’s just say autumn has definitely arrived here in the city.  I didn’t spend much time on it and I didn’t buy a single new thing. […]

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Dining Room: Full Perspective

Dear Friends, I know, I know.  Really – more dining room updates? ? You are probably sick of me talking about my combination dining/living area.  I have spent so much energy in that space but felt that I still needed a full shot for you.  I finally got a couple of “okay” pictures but it is […]

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The Lone Pumpkin

Dear Friends, With blogging I always try to plan a few days ahead so that I’m not fumbling around at the last minute for a post.  Of course, that has happened on many an occasion but a little pre-planning does help with photography and the order of things.  Sunday, I looked at my calendar for […]

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Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 7.45.14 AM

Pocket Door Picks

Dear Friends, Choosing a pocket door for the new office space was a no-brainer for me.  I immediately knew that I wanted an old fashioned five panel door. It was perfectly etched in my mind.   Our contractor assumed we were going to order a door that matches the rest of the doors in the […]

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Putting Up Walls

Dear Friends, There has been a big project in the works around here. We knew when we bought this house that we needed to enclose the living room to make a home office for Mr. C.  Pretty much the reason we have a piano in the dining room.  Sure, I would have loved that space […]

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Finding a Just-Right Desk

Dear Friends, Earlier this month, I did a product picks post for Houzz where I highlighted a collection of desks.  After all, it is that time of year where everyone is buckling down and schoolwork takes priority.  My search was loosely based on a desk that might work for Lacey in her room.  There isn’t […]

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Dining Room Combo Part Two

Dear Friends, My dining room is like two halves of a best friend necklace.  Without the drama.  I’m trying to make it a whole room versus two specific sections split right down the middle but for now I’m happy as long as everything fits in the room. I showed you the dining half so lets check-out the […]

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