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Spring Mantel

Dear Friends, I’ve held off on spring decorating so far this year.  I’m a predictable admirer of all things bird, nest, and bunny but the instinct just hadn’t come calling.  I can blame the weather but we did have a beautiful few days last week believe it or not.  This week might be another story […]

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Two Years Later: A New Faucet

Dear Friends, After two years with a broken kitchen faucet we finally bit the bullet.  Because it was only the sprayer that was out of use, it was never at the top of the list to get fixed.  Also, if you remember, I waffled quite a bit on the style.  Our old faucet was a […]

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Baby Shower Fever

Dear Friends, I’m co-hosting a baby shower for my sister at my house in a month.  Emily has been responsible for two showers for me so I want to return the favor with something fabulous.  She likes to go all out – her cupcake baby shower for our friend Amelia was quite the event.  I […]

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A Collection of Pretty Plates

Dear Friends, If you have followed along for awhile than you know that I have an affinity for plates.  I like to decorate with them.  They are in several spots in our home.  Of course, my favorite activity is eating on them but I’m a tried and true foodie.  In any case, I’m talking plates this month […]

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Porch Updates

Dear Friends, I thought it was supposed to be warm over the weekend so we had plans to get a head start on porch cleaning.  We did but nearly froze to death in the process.  The temperature was somewhat mild but the wind and lack of sun made for chilly weather.  Luckily, we are supposed […]

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Fun & Functional Mirrored Bulbs

I don’t know if you have noticed, but shiny things are all the rage right now.  Mirrors, brass, metal, and the list goes on.  Open the pages of your home decor magazine and there is a fab vibe of 70s chic with modern touches.   I’ll admit it – I want that look but sometimes […]

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Party Banner the Easy Way Using Bags

Dear Friends, Today I was going to show you a few pictures from Reid’s pirate themed birthday party.  It was a simple affair but fun.  However, I’m putting the cart before the horse with a mini banner tutorial from the big day.  It seems that all my party pictures were on my cell phone – you know- […]

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Nursery Paint Swatches

Dear Friends, This weekend was just not mine when it came to technology.  My scheduled blog post for Friday never published and somehow disappeared into thin air.  Then that afternoon my iPhone went all black screen of death on me.  I spent half my weekend trying various recovery methods to no avail.  I got it back working […]

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A Simple Kitchen Makeover

Dear Friends, My in-laws are selling their vacation cottage and I had the opportunity to help transform the kitchen.  They were advised by a realtor to update the space for selling purposes.   Of course, budget was important because the goal is to sell.  Who wants to sink lots of money into a house that […]

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Mama Got Her Groove Back

Dear Friends, I’m baaaaacccck.  I logged in to WordPress last night and it had been so long I was asked for my username and password.  The nerve!  I take a week off and I’m met with “who are you, again?”   I have not taken a full week from blogging since I don’t know when. […]

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