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Family Room Update: Game Table + Conversation Area

Dear Friends, The just-right table is here.  She will forever be known as Three Hold Sally.  Some people name their cars- I name my furniture, especially when it has a story.  I’m so happy she is here and I must say Sally has settled in nicely. Those slipcovered chairs are a hot mess.  That is not […]

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A Tale of Three Tables

Dear Friends, I’ve been ready to slap my credit card down on two different tables for the family room.  Both times I was giddy with “this is it” only to tuck the plastic back in my worn wallet pocket.  First off was a Grandin Road table that had me at hello.  The minute I saw […]

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Naked House

Dear Friends, The giant cedar trees blocking the house are gone.  I’m a tree lover but these needed to go. They were overtaking our house to the point where I could feel it suffocating. The day after they were removed I drove right past my house because I didn’t recognize it.  True story. I’m so […]

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Shiplap Goodness

Dear Friends, If you binge watch HGTV, you are probably familiar with shiplap.  I vaguely knew what it was and that I liked it, but I’ve seen it trending as of late.  Old homes often have it but it is being used in newer homes and remodeling projects as well.  I see it often on […]

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Master of the Bedroom

Dear Friends, It is no secret that our master bedroom has never been a sanctuary.  I’ve talked before about it serving as a dumping ground.  Or a miniature storage facility.  I’m doing a better job of keeping the clutter out at this house but some of that stuff is just inevitable in our stage of […]

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Bad Things & Good Things

Dear Friends, Last week was one of those “is this really happening” sort of weeks that makes you thankful for the nice, normal, sometimes boring “regular” weeks.   Reid had a fever last Monday and I was bummed because, frankly, I really wanted him to go to school Tuesday.  I had a couple of appointments […]

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Super Bowl Extravaganza

Dear Friends, We hosted a low-stress, super fun gathering last night.  I’m bleary eyed this morning but it was worth the sleep trade-off.   After having kids, Mr. C & I started hosting my family for the big day because watching elsewhere was no longer that desirable.   Like most annual traditions there is some […]

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Open Console Tables + Square Ottomans

Dear Friends, My brain has been working overtime.  Mr. C, be very afraid.  This is fair warning. For my dead space in the family room, I’ve decided I’d like an open console table with ottomans underneath.   I’ve thought about this a lot actually – probably more than any normal human being should.  I think […]

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My Work Space off the Kitchen

Dear Friends, I have always been a fan of the kitchen desk.  It may not always be the prettiest part of the kitchen but the function is a must in my book.  In all of our homes, I’ve created a desk area when I didn’t have one.  This home was the first to have it […]

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Photo- Induced Reflections (Project 2015)

Dear Friends, I’ve recently received an unexpected gift disguised as drudgery. I’m center storm in a tornado of photos from four+  years ago and it is like living in a time warp.   Every day I get to sit down at my computer and spend an hour going through 200-300 photos moving chronologically by month […]

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