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New House: Kitchen Lighting

Dear Friends, Thank you for all of the kind comments about our new house!  We are nearly settled and are no longer second guessing the decision to relocate.  Dreams are ever-changing and we are embracing our new abode.  I thought for sure I would live all of my days in our handsome craftsman cottage but […]

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New House Tour

Dear Friends, I’ve made you wait long enough.  I’ve finally got a full tour of the new house.  These photos are from the original house listing so you can see it staged for selling by the previous owners.  Once you have the lay of the land, we will start with a “where we are + […]

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Lucky Seven

Dear Friends, Lacey turned seven over the weekend.  I’m a little startled by it to be honest.  Clearly, I knew it was coming but something about seven just seems old.  She is suddenly tall and in the span of a week has lost her two front teeth.   I guess cursive and multiplication will be around the […]

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Final House Tour

Dear Friends, I have so much to share that finding a beginning is overwhelming.  I figured I’d wrap up with the old house and share some MLS pictures.  Keep in mind that real estate pictures and blogging pictures are not one and the same.  Bloggers want magazine-style pictures.  Forget your flash and lamps are a […]

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New Beginnings

Dear Friends, I am in fact alive and still here on Earth.  I took a blogging hiatus without really intending to.  It turns out moving combined with the end of the school year was far too much to handle and everything peripheral fell to the wayside.  We were so busy and crazed that I honestly […]

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Emily’s Doughnut (donut) Themed Baby Shower

Dear Friends, It is hard to believe that the much anticipated baby shower for my sister is over.  I’ve never planned so far in advance for a party or event.  The best part of the shower was the excuse to go hog-wild.  With kiddo birthday parties, I’m always feeling the need to reign it in. […]

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Outdoor Rug Round-Up

Dear Friends, Saturday morning we had a yard sale followed by a baby shower, both of which were at our house .  It was a record for-the-books marathon day and as much as I enjoyed it, I’m not sure I could do all that again.  Of course, the baby shower was sweet and fun and […]

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For Sale?

Dear Friends, Don’t ever declare on the internet to a zillion people that you will never, ever sell your house. Because ultimately, you might eat those words.  Maybe it wasn’t in the plans to ever sell your dream house.  Ever.  Maybe you put down roots that you didn’t plan on pulling up. Maybe ultimately other […]

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Nursery Progress: Window Seat

Dear Friends, My sister has found that later pregnancy energy.  She has morphed into a project maniac and is turning out stuff on a daily basis.  I’m frankly jealous of the nesting gone wild phase.  There is a lot of productivity in that superwoman stage. Just in the last couple of weeks Emily (& Andrew) […]

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Easter Weekend

Dear Friends, I think Easter might be my favorite holiday.  I like that it lacks the chaos and effort of Christmas.   Maybe that is just the sweet tea talking after 40 days of separation, but I’m still humming Easter hymns and basking in the glow of the weekend. Saturday was actually a wash-out with […]

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