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The Lone Pumpkin

Dear Friends, With blogging I always try to plan a few days ahead so that I’m not fumbling around at the last minute for a post.  Of course, that has happened on many an occasion but a little pre-planning does help with photography and the order of things.  Sunday, I looked at my calendar for […]

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Pocket Door Picks

Dear Friends, Choosing a pocket door for the new office space was a no-brainer for me.  I immediately knew that I wanted an old fashioned five panel door. It was perfectly etched in my mind.   Our contractor assumed we were going to order a door that matches the rest of the doors in the […]

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Putting Up Walls

Dear Friends, There has been a big project in the works around here. We knew when we bought this house that we needed to enclose the living room to make a home office for Mr. C.  Pretty much the reason we have a piano in the dining room.  Sure, I would have loved that space […]

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Finding a Just-Right Desk

Dear Friends, Earlier this month, I did a product picks post for Houzz where I highlighted a collection of desks.  After all, it is that time of year where everyone is buckling down and schoolwork takes priority.  My search was loosely based on a desk that might work for Lacey in her room.  There isn’t […]

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Dining Room Combo Part Two

Dear Friends, My dining room is like two halves of a best friend necklace.  Without the drama.  I’m trying to make it a whole room versus two specific sections split right down the middle but for now I’m happy as long as everything fits in the room. I showed you the dining half so lets check-out the […]

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Half of a Dining Room

Dear Friends, Last week I showed you our updated china cabinet but kept most of the dining room under wraps.  Sneaky, sneaky but I wasn’t ready for a shot of the whole thing yet.  I’m still not because it isn’t quite there. Decorating is a process and I’ll share where we are and where we […]

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Breakfast Space Beginnings

Dear Friends, The breakfast space is in progress and I’ve got some things to consider.  I know all of you in blogland are full of opinions so feel free to jump in with your thoughts.   As I said before, we are NOT doing a lot of furniture buying right now so I have the […]

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China Cabinet Project + Dining Room Lighting

Dear Friends, I’m not going to be hanging any wallpaper on the ceiling in this house for now, but I still wanted to have some fun with my favorite decorating tool. The china cabinet is front and center in the dining room so I decided it deserved a wallpaper update. It also acts as a […]

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Talking Bathroom Mirror Options

Dear Friends, My hair grew to hippie length this summer.  Maybe it is because I was lacking a bathroom mirror?  We’ll blame it on that and not my complete and total lack of hair care.  (I’m really going to cut it now that school has started).   Anyway, yes, we were mirrorless for a while […]

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School Daze + Chalk Art

Dear Friends, It’s that time again.  The school year is ready to mow us down like a big yellow bus.  Unlike years past, we were actually ready this year.  Practically playing chicken, waiting for that proverbial bus because summer was kind of long this go around. That is a lot of bus talk for a carpool […]

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