Two Story Cottage

Bathroom Redo

We have had a busy couple days of travel.  Whew – taking a two year old & a baby on a car trip is an event in itself.  We are currently visiting Mr. C’s parents in Atlanta.  They live smack dab in the middle of the city so it is always fun to visit and get our “city fix.”  Charlotte is a fantastic city but we are in the suburbs so it is fun to live the metropolitan life for a few days here in Atlanta.

We were particularly excited about our ATL visit this trip b/c my in-laws have done some serious remodeling in the last 9 months.  Unfortunately their house flooded last year so they have had to undergo months of painstaking renovations.  The flood was sad but the end result is WOW.

Check out this bathroom.  It is my Father-In-Law’s own bathroom.  Just imagine.  Mr. C’s parents decided to change up their house to what they wanted whether it made resale sense or not.

The bathroom has a real “guy” feel to it.  Clean lines, lots of wood, and beautiful granite & tile.

Stay tuned for more pics from ATL tomorrow!

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