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Kitchen Remodel in ATL

I’m back!  I have missed blogging but I really needed the break.   We came home from Atlanta on the 4th and I have been trying to get things back in order ever since.   My birthday, Mr. C’s birthday, 4th of July, and Lacey’s birthday (Monday!) are all right in a row so the end of June & first couple weeks of July are insane.  Happy chaos if you will. 🙂

As promised, a few more pics of Mr. C’s parents’ remodel.   They redid the majority of their kitchen.  They kept some cabinets but replaced all the doors.  They got rid of the breakfast/eating space and made it into a family room.   The den space was down the hall so having it with the kitchen gives it an open feel more like newer homes.   Wish I had some before pics!  Even though my preference is a white kitchen I still appreciate beautiful wood.  If I could have redone the kitchen I would have switched up the island and made it different from the rest of the kitchen.  Maybe some beadboard and a butcher block top.  I think I would have also added pendant lights.  I like detailed knobs as well so that is probably the direction I would have taken.  However, this kitchen is very much “theirs” and I think it looks great!

Love those greenhouse windows.  That was a 70s trend – you don’t see those much today.
A view of the new family room/kitchen.  Imagine a kitchen table where the rug is and that is how it was before.  Also, the built-ins with the TV were not there.  Check out the big white dog hoping for a treat.

This is part of the garden at their home.   Very unique.  All the kids in the neighborhood love the frogs.  I think it is neat to have a fun garden.  They have lots of little animal statues hidden in different spots.   Some day when we go back I’ll showcase their amazing yard!

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