Two Story Cottage

Projects In Progress

It is official.  I am back in project mode.  Baby Reid is transitioning to a somewhat predictable 4 hour schedule.  The kids are napping @ the same time which is the equivalent of the stars being aligned in my universe.  All of sudden I feel that itch to do things.

This week has been comical b/c I have been in a DIY frenzy.  Cleaning closets,  rearranging furniture,  family room mantel demo,  new mantel construction.  Yes, I lost my mind.  NO, not a single one of these projects is finished yet.  Why not start & finish one project you ask?  Good question.  I’ll let you know when I have the answer.  

Check back in this week for some actual project pics.

Bye bye skinny little mantel….you do nothing for me.  Can you say, “Hello, my name is the television??”   There is no room for decor.  It is out of scale…. so skinny is out & chunky is in.  Stay tuned.


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