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Fox Trot on Bald Head Island

As I’m sure you noticed my blog has undergone a major overhaul this week!  It is still a work in progress.  (See blog title).

From now on Saturday posts will be non- home related.  No home decor or home remodeling posts.  That gives me one post a week to share anything going on in my life or with my kids.  I read a lot of family blogs and I enjoy them as a mom. Saturday is really my opportunity to blog about kid-related things if I decide to go that route.  Because family is such a big part of my life there will be some overlap every now and then but for the most part I want to keep my Monday through Friday posts in the home decor, home remodeling, organizing category with an occasional recipe thrown in.

Whew!  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…stay tuned for a crazy story.

Two weeks ago we FINALLY went on our summer vacation.  We barely made it before the official start of fall.  It was actually perfect timing for us; we went to the beach and it is fantastic this time of year.  Warm and not crowded.   Not to mention much less expensive!

We went to Bald Head Island off the coast of NC and you can only get there by ferry.  While visiting the only transportation is by golf cart (or walking, biking, etc).  You may have seen it on Kate Plus 8.   Anyway,  it is the BEST way to get away from the everyday crazy because it is truly an escape.

 Pics were taken with a Blackberry so excuse the quality.

Fast forward to the second evening of our trip. We decided to walk on the beach at dusk.  Took some pics, ran around, watched the sunset.  Typical.  OR NOT.   A fox decided to join us for our evening fun.   A FOX.  ON the beach.  It just came out of the dunes.  At first we thought it was pretty cool.  Mr. C was trying to get a pic.  Until it started approaching us.  We made the decision to walk in the opposite direction.  We didn’t run or scream.  Just tried to calmly walk.  It followed us but it wasn’t chasing us.  As soon as saw a beach house we cut through someone’s patio and made our way back to the main road.  Whew!  Over, right?  Or not.

We walked on the road until we got back to our golf cart.  We could have booked it out of there but we had no shoes.  We had taken off our shoes at the beach access.  Mr. C said he would get them because the fox had followed us down the beach away from the access so we thought it would be long gone.  We were outfoxed.  Mr. C walked over the bridge only to see the fox standing over our shoes.

I was ready to go back to the beach house.  PRONTO. Who needs shoes?  I wanted nothing more to do with that fox.  It was me vs. Male Ego and luckily I won.  I threatened to leave Mr. C with the fox.  I have babies to protect after all.  Well, we got 2 minutes down the road and saw a public safety golf cart.  Mr. C flagged down the officer and told him about the fox.  He offered to get our shoes for us so we turned around and went back to the beach access.  Mr. C got out and went with Mr. Public Safety.  He had a flashlight (it was getting dark) and was armed.  I think.   Anyway, they did not see the fox but found the shoes.  My shoes were fine.  Mr. C’s were fine.  Lacey’s?  Not so much.  The fox took one of her shoes and destroyed the other.   While they were retrieving shoes I was sitting in the dark with the two kids in the golf cart.  I heard a noise to my right and the fox was sitting in the road watching us.  AHHH.  I wanted to drive away and leave Mr. C with Mr. Safety but I couldn’t even get the golf cart on.  Totally choked.  Guess I’m not the girl you want in an emergency.  Luckily, the men came back and the flashlight scared the fox away.   That was the last we saw of Mr. Fox.

Lacey was seriously distraught over her shoes.  They were her back to school shoes.  You know- the one “good” pair that you spend decent money on.  We had gone to dinner and the beach stop was unplanned so she wasn’t wearing beach shoes.  So glad she got 2 weeks wear out of them.  Oh well,  at least it makes for a good story.

It isn’t everyday you can say, A fox ate my shoe.  At the beach.”

We told Bald Head residents, a conservancy expert, and employees of the nature museum and nobody had ever heard of a fox taking shoes.  Or eating them.  Ever.  Only us!



  1. Omg, that is such a CRAZY story!! Gave me goosebumps!!


  2. Love the new look, Erin! Your home is SO SO SO gorgeous…I look forward to the M-F posts just as much as the fox stories that may or may not take place on weekends. 😉

    Glad you had a good vacation…minus the shoes.


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