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Christmas Crafts {coasters}

Dear Friends,

   My contributor and sister, Emily is taking over today. She is much more of a crafter than I am so I made her promise to share some of her Christmas projects. 

Hi Everyone!
You probably don’t remember me – I’m Erin’s sister
Emily and I wrote a couple of blog posts about a year ago. You can also occasionally see my foot or arm in some of Erin’s photos as I’m usually her lovely assistant. I’ve been meaning to do more, but you know how that is… I got a job (yay employment!) right after my previous posts and that has taken up all my time. Anyway, Christmas is here and I have been in the Christmas Craft spirit! My friend Amelia and I decided to try our hand at homemade coasters. They are super easy (and inexpensive!) and make a great Christmas gift (Erin can attest to this as she was the recipient of some!).

All you need to purchase is some festive scrapbook paper, bathroom tiles (4.25” x 4.25”) from the hardware store (ours were 15 cents each), felt, Mod Podge, fabric glue, sponge brushes and clear acrylic sealer. Cut your scrapbook paper into 3.75” x 3.75” squares. Lucky for me, Amelia owns a paper cutter. This was helpful because cutting straight lines is not my best area and I wanted them to look nice.  

Then, brush Mod Podge onto the tiles and place your scrapbook paper on top, centering it on the tile.

Let that dry and then brush Mod Podge over the scrapbook paper. Brush on a second coat once the first is dry.

Once the tiles are dry, spray them with the clear acrylic sealer to make them water proof.

Cut your felt into 3.75” x 3.75” squares. Once the sealer has dried (mine needed 24 hours), glue the felt to the bottom of the tiles with the fabric glue. (See what I mean about me and cutting straight lines? Yikes!)

Then, tie them up in a pretty bow or some raffia and you have a beautiful, thoughtful, handmade gift (right, Erin??).

Stay tuned! Amelia and I had one more craft night that I’m going to share with you!


I do love my coasters – I hope I can join in on a craft night one of these days.

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