Two Story Cottage

Christmas Mantel

Dear Friends,
       It’s mantel time!  Our Christmas mantel this year was contingent on one thing.  I had to be able to keep my favorite painting over the fireplace.  Things are ever-changing at the new house but I’ve decided that the painting stays where it is.  The traditional red & green wouldn’t work so I embraced a new color scheme that goes better with the room.

I’m planning on piling presents on the hearth.  Of course that means I have to wrap them.  And shop for them. 🙂  Did you notice the two different candles in the pic? Oops-  I need to get matching ones.  I spray -painted the pillars pink.  The garland is from HomeGoods.  The giant candies are from Garden Ridge a couple of years ago. The poinsettias are from a sweet little Girl Scout.

I’m joining holiday mantel parties at Southern Hospitality and Ten June.   I can’t wait to check out all the other links!  I could look at mantels all day.


Is it Wednesday yet?

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