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Gingerbread House Display

Dear Friends,
        We took a little field trip today to celebrate the first day of Christmas vacation.  The Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte hosts a gingerbread house competition each year so we decided to check it out.  It doesn’t cost a thing but you can vote for your favorites by donating $1.   It was particularly fitting this year, since Lacey made her first “real” gingerbread house at school last week.  There were professional and amateur categories.

Back of the chocolate house

 my favorite

back of the yellow house -yep, that is Santa in the hot tub

Amazing, huh?  I liked all of them really.  The details are unreal if you look closely.  We will definitely be going back next year.  

Any gingerbread house fanatics out there?  I’ve never done a fancy pants one before but it sure is tempting after looking at all those houses.  Maybe one year we’ll do a big one as a family project.  Not any time soon though!



  1. These are amazing! I’m no cook but I appreciate the time and effort involved in creating something like this! My favourite has to be Santa in the hot tub …. who knew??? Merry, merry…lol x

  2. Erin,
    Thanks so much for blogging about Gingerbread Lane! We were so impressed with the entries this year. Merry Christmas, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

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