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Week In Review {Christmas Edition}

Dear Friends,
         Last week brought an early Christmas gift.  In the midst of quite possibly the busiest week of the year, our internet went down.  I was annoyed at first but it ended up being a blessing in disguise! Want to see what we were doing?  Take a look.

 I keep watching this over & over.  Reid is quite the ham.  I am a biased Mom, but I love it!

What happens when Mommy is busy with teacher’s gifts and candy making?  
Our poor elderly dog. This will not be happening again. 
The gingerbread house was a school project and boy, was I impressed!  Lacey’s teachers rock this year.  She is loving school.   Poor Reid did not like Santa.  The real picture was even better – that was just a shot from my camera.  
I’ll admit that we were run a little ragged last week.  However, this week looks to be a breeze in comparison which will be the perfect lead-in for Christmas.  Sure, I’ve got food to prep, presents to wrap, and last minute errands to run but the peripheral is pretty minimal so we can focus on the holiday and not the hubbub.
Stay tuned – I have a lot of posts going this week because of our technical difficulties last week. 



  1. What a gorgeous post!! Your pics are stunning! As for Reid’s video, well, what can one say? He was perfect! Glad your internet is back up. I feel like my arms have been cut off when ours is down…. how ever did we cope before it came along??? Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year. x

  2. It looks like a wonderful week (except maybe the poor dog and Reid’s run-in with Santa! LOL) That gingerbread house was a preschool project? Looks better than any we have ever made. Awesome teachers make all the difference! Have a Merry Christmas!

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