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Christmas 2011 Recap

Dear Friends,
   I get it.  You are over Christmas and you probably don’t want to hear anything else about the holidays until November.  However, I feel I have to recap our Christmas this year even if just for posterity.  Bear with me, okay?

Christmas 2011
Lacey & Reid each asked Santa for three gifts this year.
3.sleeping bag
*Yes, it was 60 degrees on Christmas.  
Reid goal
2. ride-on toy
3. surprise (Thomas rainboots)
They also got gifts from grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins so it is a good thing that we kept our Santa list small.
We hosted Christmas brunch at our house.   We had dinner at my parents’ house later.

Lacey on her new scooter with her class mascot which she got to take home over the break.  

This was my favorite Christmas {with kids} to date.  We have dealt with sickness the last couple of years and although both kids were getting over a cold, it was a non-factor.  This was the year of the right amount of toys which is always a tough balancing act.  Reid was old enough to participate and enjoy all of our holiday traditions which doubled the fun.  I’m thankful for another Christmas with my 91 year old grandmother who always manages to keep things interesting.  
Happy New Year, friends!   I hope you had a wonderful holiday.  Now, back to reality…


  1. Dear Erin – Happy New Year!!! Your Christmas looked truly wonderful…friends…family… happy memories….and, of course, the giggles and excitement of two small children. Isn’t that what Christmas is really all about? xxx

  2. I love your “small” Christmas – I think it is the ideal Christmas and doesn’t set the stage for bigger and better year after year!

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