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About Me {25 Things}

Dear Friends,
        The biggest challenge for me in writing a blog is to really put myself out there. I don’t have an “about me” page as you may have noticed. Letting my authentic self show through is just not easy because I keep my cards close to the chest. I’m one of those people that never posts updates on my personal Facebook page. In fact, my blog is not even listed anywhere on it. When Shaunna from Perfectly Imperfect announced a “25 Things”{About Me} Link Party I immediately thought, “Thanks but no thanks.” I’m a person who likes reading about other people but I detest writing about myself. It seems upon further thought that this was the perfect pre-cursor to an About Me page.

 I’ve thrown caution to the wind but just so you know I’m running for the hills right about now.

1. I have a love affair with catalogs. And fancy jeans with Target tops. 

2. I am a designer wannabe. I lack expertise but am a crockpot of potential.

3. I am a glass half full kind of girl. That glass is half full of sweet tea. It’s my vice.

4. Don’t overload me or my motherboard will fry. Seriously.

5. I like stripes. Of all kinds. On all things. 

6. You might think I’m quiet. I’m really just listening.

7. I’m woefully undecided. 

8. I’m self- aware to a fault; however, people who lack self-awareness rattle me.

9. Practicality is my mother-ship.

10. If this were kindergarten, I would be labelled “most distracted.”

11. I ponder. A lot. 

12. I’m a firm Believer, just not the shouting it from the rooftops kind. 

13. Sharing a meal with a friend is the icing on my cake.

14. My love for food rivals my love for my family. Just ask Mr. C.

15. I once had a 14 lb tumor. That is always a good icebreaker.

16. I’m not Type A. I might be Type A-.

17. I ignore things until I have to deal with them. It is the procrastinator’s way.

18. Sometimes I feel like a dichotomy. Case in point, I’m a goody two-shoes who enjoys cynicism and all things snarky. An empathetic, daydreaming, peacemaking Conservative.

19.If there is a short-cut method I’ve probably already thought of it.

20. Social media can seem too demanding. It makes me tired.

21. I like special things on Fridays. Like sugar cereal. And a free pass from flossing.

22. Kettle corn makes me giddy. Dipping sauces get me tickled pink.

23. Somehow in my adult life I have found myself at the same lunch table as the cool kids; it unsettles me. 

24. Yes, please. Coffee. Chocolate. Peanut butter. Small town restaurants. Young adult novels. Little House on the Prairie. Gilmore Girls. Boston Med. Modern Family. Everwood. Friday Night Lights. Brothers and Sisters. Revenge.

25. I have zero background in photography, graphic design, computers, and art.  I am learning as I go! Hence, the work in progress tag-line.
Whew – I did it!


  1. I love your 25 things! Especially like #6 and #8 and sound very familiar 🙂 But you must explain #15 more?!

    • Thanks! 🙂 #15 is a long story that I’ll have to share some day but the short of it is that I had an ovarian tumor at 17 that ended up being huge & weighing in at 14 lbs. Makes for a crazy story! We laugh about it now!

  2. Wow your 25 things are impressive!! Mine would not sound near as eloquent. They would say boring things like, “I bite my nails.” or “I hate paying to get my hair cut and go way too long between trims.” (Ya know, things that make me sound awesomely attractive and girly.)

  3. Absolutely LOVE it, girl!!! Thanks so much for linking it up! And I love that you like fancy jeans with target tops…that may have been my fave.

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  5. Your #7 is me all over. I find it almost impossible to make decisions on my own.

  6. You are the perfect inspiration for me today. My sisters and a really old therapy session told me to “open up more” …. I CAN’T – WON’T – DON’T WANT TO…but, I think I should. Though I’m won’t do a linky thing (not there yet) I will put 25 things about me on my blog.
    THANKS for sharing and as mentioned in another comment,#15 has got to be an interesting story 🙂

  7. Oh Erin what a lovely post. So nice to get a glimpse of Erin-world!!! I know what you mean about putting yourself out there – it’s a scary world!!! lol x

  8. I loved this post. I found your blog through The Lettered Cottage, and this post is the reason I am now following you. Funny, self-reflective and a lovely mix of items of varying depths. THANK YOU for sharing; made my day.

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