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Gathered Thoughts on Blogging

Dear Friends,
     I am honored to be a hostess for the Gathered Thoughts party at LoveFeast Table today.  Be sure to visit for inspiration overload and a very special giveaway.

Writing for a prompt reminds me of the five paragraph essay that I spent eons perfecting in school.  Don’t worry – I’ll spare you the formulaic composition.   I don’t draw from the writing well very often but I feel compelled to dig deep from time to time.

As my readers know, 2012 is the year where I am stepping out of my comfort zone.  I was the bird who hadn’t even left the cozy walls of the nest yet.  The one who needed a swift nudge from Mama.  The creature perfectly content with defined and understood boundaries.

Embracing Comfort
I knew that in order to fly I had to embrace discomfort.   But first I have to become comfortable with where I am now. This year after returning from Blissdom, I felt a little intoxicated by information.  Heady and not so sure of my course.  But like all things, with time I’ve gained a little perspective.   
Things I’m choosing to be comfortable with: 
It’s okay that my blog is not a business.  I think I’m to the point where it could be.  But I’m not ready.  And right now I need it to be a hobby.  I’ve got a lot of obligations as a wife, mom and friend that I can’t seem to fulfill if blogging starts bleeding into areas where it shouldn’t. 
It’s okay that my blog is not a faith blog.   I’m a Believer and I’ve wrestled with this because I’m drawn to many religious blogs that manage to weave it all together so beautifully.  Maybe my way to share His message is here and there in the creekbed of the unexpected; Hidden amongst the catalogs and the room makeovers.  Inspiration comes in many forms.
It’s okay to want to be successful at this.  As a stay-at-home mom, I struggle with guilt about the blogging hobby from time to time.  In the last year, I’ve because more purposeful and more organized with my time to make it happen.  My children have reaped the benefits.  My home is more efficient.  
It’s okay if people I know read it.  Even if I prefer strangers.  And this is where it gets hard for me.  I am just not a bare it all kind of girl.  Playboy is not in my future. I like to keep my cover-up on until my toes hit the surf.  
It’s okay that I’m not a designer.  My rooms probably won’t be as good as Layla’s.  But I have this belief that they can be.  That I have the right ingredients.  I need more tools and more baking time.  A little mixing and maybe a chance to rise.  To the occasion.
Embracing Discomfort

It’s okay to take chances.  Try new things. I just applied to BlogHer.  I’ve been thinking about it for over a year.  Like the About Me page, I finally took the plunge.  I plan to write a little more,  explore topics that are meaningful to me.  I am embracing the framework that got me started but pushing the walls of the bubble to expand my place here.  I’m facing my Facebook fears and updating my page more often. Another post for another day: Facebook Anxiety Examined.  Sounds like sweeps-worthy substance for the local news.
My bird has not flown South yet but lucky for me it was a mild winter.   Should the branch she is standing on snap, I think she could warble a few notes even if a bit off-key.

Yesterday, when I heard the hymn, “His Eye is on the Sparrow” I knew it was the perfect accompaniment to my quote.  I wanted to include a youtube version but I wasn’t sure about copyright.  So a Pinterest board was born.  I knew home decor would find its way into this post.

Kudos to my Gathered Thoughts writing team!  Thanks for taking the plunge with me.
Jen from Guidance for Victory
Kristi from Creative Kristi


  1. Erin, this is beautiful, just so well written and honest. Good for you for taking the plunge. I can relate to a lot of what you say. It’s so hard to step outside the comfort zone.

    You’ve done a fantastic, and eloquent job.

  2. I love the Pinterest board! What a great visual reminder of the truth, that His eye is on the sparrow. Thank you for linking up and for being a hostess. We are so glad we had the chance to meet you at Blissdom.

  3. You have a way with words, Erin, and this is a wonderful post. It hits home with me as well because I’ve been reflecting on a lot of the same things recently. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. This is so great Erin ~ I love how you are embracing comfort, making your boundaries and setting your goals too!! I also love the part about the Facebook Anxiety (truth be told I have it too – lucky for me the other half of LoveFeast doesn’t! 🙂 Your blog is awesome and you are definitely going to go places – one step at a time!! Best wishes on enjoying your whole journey!! Thanks for linking up! ~Chris Ann

  5. Awesome post…each one of your personal “it’s okay” lines spoke directly to me. Thanks for encouraging me, even as you become vulnerable and shared about yourself! : )

  6. Beautiful and so true in my own life.

    Thank you!


  7. I’m glad to hear that it is okay. I’ll have to start believing it now!

  8. So this, I positively loved: “Maybe my way to share His message is here and there in the creekbed of the unexpected”

    Beautiful stuff, beautiful girl.

  9. Erin, you’re talking to me again girl! How do you read my mind so well when we don’t even know each other. Except for the business part, you got it all correct. I think whether you realize it or not, your branch has already broken and you’re singing a beautiful song. Thanks:)

  10. Oh Geez! I totally forgot and dropped the ball on this one. I am SO sorry, and will rush home tonight and post if that’s ok. My life is incredibly messy right now and my blog is suffering from it.

  11. EVERY SINGLE ONE of your “It’s Okays” resonated with me. Seriously, EVERY one. Such a great post, you’ve given me more to think about this morning.

  12. Erin…what a GREAT post!

  13. Wow…I can relate to this post a lot! Very well said Erin, and I could cut and paste (with credit of course!) your first 5 “It’s OK” comments and not have to change much about them at all. It’s so refreshing to read your post! My word of the year is “Step” as in taking steps, out of my comfort zone, trying new things and not being afraid.

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