Two Story Cottage

Burlap & Scrapbook Paper Frames {Mats}

Dear Friends,
     Lighting installation in the kitchen is not complete so the big reveal will have to wait.  I’ve got some crafty frames to show you instead.  I added scrapbook paper and burlap to walnut frames from Target in an attempt to blend with the dining room.  Open floorplans are a blessing and a curse!

The roll of burlap and scrapbook paper are from Michael’s.

Cut it to whatever size you want.  I freehanded it which you can tell.  Sigh.
A paper cutter would be best.
Center it on your paper.  You can tape it down or leave it.  

Tape or photo-mounting stickies would work. 
Easy, right?

 On the wall.  I guess it is really a “burlap mat” but we’ll go with it.  

The foyer wall is incomplete and full of nail holes.   A lot of nail holes.  So we’ll show the whole shebang later when it is closer to completion.   I like the frames though!  And I like showcasing baby pictures of the kids.  Two years have passed since this picture was taken; my babies are growing up!

Happy Wednesday!

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