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Tidbit Friday: Awesome Curtain Trick

Dear Friends,
     On Wednesday, I showed you my breakfast room reveal.  Since then, the curtains have been grating on my nerves.  The panels are inching their way toward the middle of the window just to mess with me.  And the more they do that, the less light shines in. When I finally get a moment’s peace and sit at the table the curtains start mocking me.

What to do?  Well, I googled “curtain panel slides over” and got na-da.  I might have then googled “stupid curtains won’t stay” which led me to my answer.

Chris from Just A Girl has a funny, inspiring blog full of fantastic projects and she had the perfect solution.   It took me less than ten minutes to fix following her tutorial.

 My curtains are just right and the kids can’t even knock them astray.   I am not sure when the next moment of peace will prevail but at least the curtains won’t be whispering.

All better.  T.G.I.F!

P.S.  If you are wondering about the length I chose, the panels actually meet the extra-deep sill.
        Another post for another time.  🙂


  1. They look beautiful!


  2. Love your kitchen! Great tip!

  3. So clever. Thank goodness for Google and Blogland ; )

    Happy Easter!

  4. Excellent tip! As I told you, I’m skittish with draperies, so a tip like this could make the difference between whether I’d take the plunge or not. . . .

  5. That is a great tip. I have also experienced the dreaded curtain creep….

    Re the length of your curtains, I did a double-take because at first I thought those were French doors! But once I looked closer and got that they’re windows, the length looks perfect

  6. Anonymous says:

    Let me give you girls and even simpler “fix”. Take a piece of tape–scotch or double sided–out it up inside your curtain edge and stick to the rod!!!!! No more moving curtain!!!!!! REALLY REALLY SIMPLE!!!
    Gwen Callahan

  7. Anonymous says:

    That is supposed to say “put”

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