Two Story Cottage

Foyer Reveal {Part II}

Dear Friends,
    The foyer has been a bright spot in our home since adding the chalkboard mirror.  I don’t know why but I smile when walking to the front door so a happy place it is.  The problem?  Our foyer just so happens to be dachshund-loooong.  I’ve been wondering what to do with the second half across from the stairs.  It seemed so empty but it was much too narrow for most furniture.

I was originally thinking a bench.  And it was in the “some day” category.  I was even thinking of one that was the same shape as the demilune table but during our last round of musical furniture I decided to try the guest room bookcase there.

And it works!  The happy spot is now a happy hall because it feels complete.  Sort-of.

I’d like a runner or a bigger rug but it has to be the right price.  I haven’t seen the “just right” rug yet. And one day I want moulding of some sort but that is so far down the list that it isn’t even relevant right now.   Remind me I said that when I want it next week, okay?

The preserved floral arrangement is new.  I bought it at my favorite local home decor store.  I don’t have much in the way of greenery and I liked the mix of flowers. Faux florals have come a long way from the ivy of the 90s.  I got the “Home” letters at Jo-Ann’s.  They are cardboard and I intended to do something with them but I’m actually liking the organic look right now.

Yes, the autumn quote is still on the board.  And the Christmas decorations are still in the garage.  I did clear out all of the pumpkin decor so that is a start, right?


  1. i would put small tree or plant between the bookcase and the table to add a little more greenery.ang

  2. Anonymous says:

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