Two Story Cottage

A Sweet & Snarky Christmas Tree

    *Yeah, about the Christmas tree.*
She won’t win any awards for glamour.
And doesn’t fit into the decor.
But we did it together which means so much more?
That is what I tell myself, anyway.  
Does it mean “so much more” if I cringe when I see it?

I close my eyes and repeat, “That is a tree of joy.”
My subconscious says, “That is a tree of random schtuff that was coughed up in a tornadic fashion.”
Yeah, my subconscious is a little mean.  Grinchy- grinch that one.

You caught me.  
I antiqued the picture to take the tacky down a level.
We bloggers do what we have to, you know?
Everything thing looks better at an angle.
Even a tree with multiple personalities like ours.

Because I will NOT be sharing “decorating your tree” tips I thought I’d share some fun ornaments.

My friend, Melissa, gave me this ornament just last week.
Fun, huh?  I’ll admit it makes me laugh.

An ornament from my Grandmother who loves her some pink.
Dear Santa, I’d like a camera for Christmas.  Thanks! 

Can’t get any sweeter than a snowman handprint. 

Are you laughing yet?  
My Life.  Olivia outshines me once again. But the chandelier sure is pretty.
Reid hung my Caribou and bird ornaments together.  Pure sweetness.  He knows what I like.

Aww. Miss our KC girl.  

Because what tree is complete without an excavator? 
Or we have Elmo if you’d prefer.
He is probably sharing a branch with the Waterford wedding ornament.
Such is life in this house!
Want to see some pretty trees?  Go to Sarah’s party over at Thrifty Decor Chick.  
I guess I can’t really complain after my very monochromatic, neutral vignettes.  Compromise is the name of the game, people!


  1. Dear Erin – YOUR TREE ROCKS!!!! Forget all the co-ordinating gloriously tasteful trees you see in all the stores, your tree literally glows with LOVE and that’s surely what Christmas is all about! Close your eyes a little when you walk past it and it really won’t seem so bad, I promise! ♥

  2. Love this post! It’s so real and I can so relate. I threw in the towel a year or two ago and gave up any illusions of a blog worthy tree. My kids hang anything and everything (last night it was pipe cleaners- not even piper cleaner ornaments, just pipe cleaners)on the tree and keep at it. I tell myself that I will miss this in just a few short years, and I’m sure I will.

    Enjoy your tree which honestly looks pretty cute!

  3. How sweet is your tree! I think your tree looks wonderful! Nothing better than a tree decorated by children! Your ornaments are awesome!

  4. Our tree is about the same except the ornaments start 3″ off the bottom thanks to my un-decorator.

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