Two Story Cottage

Christmas Eve Tour

Dear Friends,
    Merry Christmas Eve to you!  The holiday tour is finally ready.  I’m a slow Christmas decorator.  One thing at a time, here and there after the initial get-the-stuff-out weekend.

We have neutral decor in some areas; colorful in others.  There is a little something for everyone in our house.  My goal was simplicity and I think we maintained that.

       The Elf could not be moved for the photo op.  

Here & There in the Foyer
Pine & Magnolia Garland  {simple swag}
Updated Mantel with DIY Angel Wings (Same elf, different day)
 Where the Stockings Hang until Christmas Eve

Fresh Flowers & Stems
All the Red & Green & Kiddie Stuff
I like our vintage bulb display (left) that Mr. C does.  Our next door neighbor (right) outshines us!
We love their big Candyland display.  

Well, the house is ready but the cinnamon rolls are not.  I’m off to knead some dough.


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