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Sweet, Simple DIY Mini Wreaths

Dear Friends,
  To go along with our simple decor this year, I have a simple project to share.  So easy that it doesn’t need a tutorial.   My kind of “diy” during this busy season.

I have a weakness for boxwood wreaths.  I would love three for my kitchen but even at Target they are $40 each.   I’m hoping to score some after Christmas but these will do for now!

I bought three packages of garland from Michael’s.  I used my coupon (50% off) and scored each for around $6.  Did you know you can use an iPhone coupon every day at Michael’s?

I secured a bread tie around each bundle in the circular shape and ta-da, “insta-wreath.”  I chose a white velvet ribbon to hang it from, also from Michael’s.

Can’t get much easier than that!  Stay tuned for a Christmas table-scape and home tour later this week….


  1. love how simple it looks and thats been my theme for this year. simple,less is more. i have a love affair for tiny/small skinny trees so when i find one i buy it and place them in spots around my home.

    i also put wreaths hung with strips torn from a paint tarp on all my windows. but i never think outside the box and create my own with garland. i will be doing that next year for my upstair rooms.

    i’ve been writing down ideas that i have seen and after the holidays i will be buying my “stuff”. your mini garland wreaths are now on my list. check.

    merry christmas.

  2. Kudos to you! I hadn’t thohugt of that!

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