Two Story Cottage

Sweet, Simple DIY Mini Wreaths

Dear Friends,
  To go along with our simple decor this year, I have a simple project to share.  So easy that it doesn’t need a tutorial.   My kind of “diy” during this busy season.

I have a weakness for boxwood wreaths.  I would love three for my kitchen but even at Target they are $40 each.   I’m hoping to score some after Christmas but these will do for now!

I bought three packages of garland from Michael’s.  I used my coupon (50% off) and scored each for around $6.  Did you know you can use an iPhone coupon every day at Michael’s?

I secured a bread tie around each bundle in the circular shape and ta-da, “insta-wreath.”  I chose a white velvet ribbon to hang it from, also from Michael’s.

Can’t get much easier than that!  Stay tuned for a Christmas table-scape and home tour later this week….


  1. love how simple it looks and thats been my theme for this year. simple,less is more. i have a love affair for tiny/small skinny trees so when i find one i buy it and place them in spots around my home.

    i also put wreaths hung with strips torn from a paint tarp on all my windows. but i never think outside the box and create my own with garland. i will be doing that next year for my upstair rooms.

    i’ve been writing down ideas that i have seen and after the holidays i will be buying my “stuff”. your mini garland wreaths are now on my list. check.

    merry christmas.

  2. Kudos to you! I hadn’t thohugt of that!

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  8. I like both. I like the purity of a landscape without a human element that allows the viewer to be alone with the “landscape” and I also like to see a human element when it adds to the landscape. Sometimes it can be to show how small we are compared to the vastness of the landscape or to place a point of interest in the shot. What I like about this image is that your friend pops out because of the color of his clothing which works so well against the backdro and colors of your scene. Great job.Edith Levy recently posted..

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