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Eye Candy Design {Breaking It Down}

Dear Friends,
I have made it pretty clear on here that I’m not a designer by trade; rather, I consider myself a student of design.  I soak it in wherever and whenever I can.  Whether it is a restaurant or a friend’s house, I’m always learning.  The backdrops of some of my favorite TV shows are great tools for this.  Revenge, anyone? Am I the only one that has noticed the Pottery Barn sofa on Parenthood?

As part of my journey, I have saved special pictures in a folder titled “Eye Candy.”  For me, these are the pictures that exemplify perfection in design.  These are the photos I study.  I started doing this before Pinterest and I still like having that folder on my hard drive.

So, eye candy.
What makes it just so right?
{thoughts from a non-expert}
If you’d like to pin the image, please do so from her site.  The link is here.

Our styles are different, but Emily A. Clark is one of my biggest sources of inspiration.  

Details that make this space extraordinary:

* The light is a bold, not-so-typical choice that makes an impact and creates a focal point.  It stands out  even with the busy bookcase behind it.  A typical chandelier would get lost in this room.

* The charcoal bookcase back creates a black hole for things like cords and supplies but provides a beautiful backdrop for the colorful books and accessories.

* Books can make a bookcase.  Look at how artfully these are arranged.  There are dozens of different ways to stack books.

*The lamp and the orchid are the same scale which makes it pleasing to the eye.  Symmetry using two different objects rather than two of the same.

*The chairs complement the color of the bookcase back.  The metal brings an industrial vibe to the look which gives it that dose of the unexpected.

*The tufted chair anchors the other side of the table.  The style suits the classy space.

*The orange rug is bold and stylish without being trendy.  It adds the perfect pop of color.

*The white paint in the room doesn’t distract from the bookcase.  It really serves to make it stand out while unifying the walls and the built-in.

* Details, details, details.  Sometimes that says it all.

Do you have any thoughts on what makes this design picture-perfect? Please share.  


  1. Anonymous says:

    I love everything about this room! Thanks for sharing. – Leslie

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