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Meet our Newest Family Member {Buddy}

Dear Friends,
Let me formally introduce you to Buddy.  Otherwise known as the sweetest dog on the planet.  I mentioned him briefly on Facebook but as a valued member of the family, he deserves a few paragraphs in his honor.


When KC passed away in November, we were in no hurry for another pet.  In fact, we told the kids that we would wait until after Christmas to start looking.  That was the practical thing to do.

We made it two weeks.

I started casually browsing Petfinder.  Why not get an idea of what was out there?

It turns out he was waiting for us.  And it became official December 2nd.

Our first dog was a Keeshond and Buddy was listed on Petfinder as a Keeshond mix.  We don’t think he has an ounce of Keeshond in him but that little detail is what brought us our guy.  It was meant to be.

Did I mention that he is two years old?  Because I really needed TWO two-year-old boys.

We are not entirely sure of Buddy’s background but he had a great foster family who trained him and prepped him for his forever home.   They named him and we kept it because of the meaning behind it.

Last summer, when riding to the Haven Conference with Brittany {Pretty Handy Girl},  we got to chatting about her dog, Buddy, who came to her via Craig’s List.   He had been such an amazing addition to their family that they didn’t even want to vacation without him.  I remember declaring, “When KC’s time comes, I want a Buddy.”  Meaning I wanted another rescue that blended into the family the way hers did.

I had to laugh when I ended up with a Buddy in the literal sense.

We are still in the honeymoon period nearly seven weeks later.  Buddy is the sweetest, most affectionate dog ever.  He rarely barks, loves the kids, is playful but content to rest.  Dare I say he is perfect.

Except for the part where he started sleeping in our bed.  I’m still trying to figure out how that happened.

P.S.  I highly recommend adopting a rescue if you are in the market for a dog.  We have been blessed with two great rescues and our extended family has had great luck as well.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Bless you for saving another poor animal from the pound. I found our “Jack” at the pound and he’s a wonderful dog. And yes he sleeps on my bed too!
    Mary Kate

  2. Awwww, I think I’m in love with your Buddy already! He looks like an australian shepherd mix. But 100% buddy. Buddies are good dogs ;-). So happy for you and your newest family member. I can’t wait to meet him. How much does he weigh?

  3. Buddy is absolutely precious and thank you so much for adopting! Wish everyone would do that too!!!

  4. I’m so glad you found Buddy! I’ve been looking at the rescue sites lately too. My husband isn’t ready to get one yet though.

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