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Pesky Home Goals + Pretty Pictures

Dear Friends,
It is that time of year.  Everyone is declaring goals and objectives.  Looking at the big picture sometimes makes me think of all the millions of things it takes to get there.  Which in turn makes me want to curl up on the couch and watch guilty pleasure television.   Honey Boo Boo, anyone?

That being said I do have a few obvious things that need tending to this year.

P is for Pantry.

The lack of a closet pantry has been my biggest challenge in this home.  I’m always careful not to buy in bulk.  I’m ready for some storage.  So, the former coat closet by the garage is going to be a pantry.  Of course that starts a storage shift but we will cover that later.

W is for Window Treatments.

This is a big one.  I want roman shades in the kitchen.  I’d like wood blinds AND drapes in the family room.  I know, I’m greedy like that.  But I’m looking to go cheap with a not-so-cheap look so follow along as I figure that out.

G is for Guest Room.

Guests?  What guests?  Our guest room is the current storage facility.  There is a crib, two extra chairs, and a coffee table crammed in there with the bed.  And I can’t even see the bedding right now due to a giant piece of foam.  So scary the door is closed so we can pretend it isn’t there.

F is for Finishing. 

The breakfast area is almost there.  A few finishing touches and we can declare the kitchen done.  The living room/study/piano/who-knows-what-that-room-is-called is looking pretty close to the beginning level of finished.  That means it will look done but without super extra awesome details to come later.

B is for Boy Room.

We worked on Reid’s room over the break.  It hasn’t been painted yet but it now houses a big boy bed and looks like an actual kid’s space.  This is much improved over the single crib with zero furniture.  I can’t wait to share that as I go.

M is for Mud Room Area.

We don’t have an actual mud room here but I’d like to make the mud space feel a little more room-like. Yes, I still miss my old mud room.  It pretty much rocked.  Of course the one above, really rocks.

C is for Craft Storage

I’ve got construction paper in our bedroom, craft paint in the guest room, glue in the laundry room, and markers in the breakfast area.  You get the picture.  It is disjointed.  It would be nice to have it all together in one nice place.  Where that is – I don’t know.

F is for Family Room

Painted bookcase backs have begun.  Window treatments should really amp things up.  I want our most used space to be one of our favorites.

About that mind-numbing television.   It is a good thing the Bachelor starts soon.   Do you have any big home goals this year?


  1. I am SO GLAD to know that even you have pesky goals. You seem to have everything so together, whereas I am pretty much the everything-falls-apart type.

    Those Roman shades in your inspiration photo are so cool! And they’re the real thing, as opposed to my faux shades. I like that. Of course, I like the price of my faux shades. It’ll be fun to see what you come up with!


  1. […] I think annual house goals are a somewhat necessary evil.  The idea is to help keep me focused on tasks that need to be taken care of.  I’m hopelessly aimless if I don’t have structure and objectives.  Sigh.  I decided to be a glutton for punishment and bust out the measuring stick to see how I stacked up for last year’s house goals. […]

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