Two Story Cottage

Sweet Cottage Bedding

Dear Friends,
I remember looking for ages for Lacey’s bedding.  I ended up with a few pieces from different places because I couldn’t find the exact look I wanted.   Her room is complete so we will not be changing it anytime soon.  However, I did notice this adorable Abby Rose bedding in my newest Garnet Hill catalog.

How sweet!  And cottage-like!  And grown-up but with enough of a youthful feel.

I also noticed the Emily quilt which has a vintage feel and bolder colors.
I don’t know whether to be sad that I missed out on Abby Rose or glad that I only shelled out $29 for her HomeGoods quilt.   The twist of the knife came when I saw Lacey’s rug in the second picture.  Hers is oval but it is otherwise the same.  Grrr.
I love the pink, green & gray combo. The addition of the gray really makes it less candy-sweet and more grown-up.
Ohhhh, Abby Rose!

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