Two Story Cottage

A Valentine Vignette

Dear Friends,
  I’m not much of a holiday decorator but I recognize that the kids really enjoy seasonal decor.  You don’t have to have hearts strewn all around the house to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Lacey was so excited when I pulled out our handful of Valentine-y things.

The butler’s pantry is a little nook between the dining room and kitchen.  It presents the perfect space to embrace minor holidays.  It is a dark spot that doesn’t receive much light so a dose of bright Valentine’s Day color brings cheer.

The mugs from my favorite china set make for interesting vases.
Those flowers were a $5 mix at the grocery store.
Believe it or not, the candy is leftover from Halloween. 
I hoard my favorites because they can be hard to find otherwise.
The sign came out of the kitchen.  
The tray was a Target find several years ago.
The hot chocolate mix was a gift.
The pink mailbox was a Michael’s dollar aisle bargain a couple years ago.
I like holidays but I like to enjoy the decor without feeling smothered by cupid or a leprachaun.  Simplicity is the name of the game.
I do have a wreath on the door and Lacey put some stickies on her window which she loves.  
We also will hang plenty of Valentine’s art from school.   I can’t believe it is February already!  


  1. Was this the outcome of your creative mess the other day?

    Very sweet and pretty with function!


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