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Reid’s Room Reveal Part I {Dresser + Decor}

Dear Friends,
   I’ve put a band-aid on the computer problem for now.  Let’s hope it holds because a new laptop is not in the plan.  If it doesn’t work I might have to bust out the library card for blogging!

Joking (or not) aside, I’m excited to share part of Reid’s room that is finished.  I’m working in stages because I’m trying to keep the process very livable for him.

The transportation theme is loose which allows for changes later.

Letters are from Hobby Lobby.
The lamps & shades are from Target.  I went to three different stores to chase those down.
The Jeep print information is here.
I took the little chairs from the mudroom area.
The rug is an old Target find from his nursery.
The metal wall signs are from Land of Nod.
The Lightning McQueen car is actually a cd player.  Reid got it for Christmas. 
The blue ceiling is visible in this one!
My goal for Reid’s room is to create a clean, fun space.  The more streamlined look matches his personality versus the cottage style, eclectic look of Lacey’s room .  Also, the bright colors are cheerful and reflect his over-the-top full of life demeanor.

The best thing I did in his room was to figure out the arrangement above the dresser before painting.  That allowed me to move and shift items without worrying about multiple holes.  Lighting was important because the overhead light is dim at best.

Reid’s dresser is one of my favorite finds and I feel like the area surrounding it really makes the room!

I pulled that green from his duvet which you haven’t seen yet.  The orange, green, and blue will really make more sense once you see the bed!

I’m linking up this weekend with Amanda from Serenity Now.

P.S.  Information on the paint colors is here.


  1. Looks great, Erin! Can’t wait to see the rest of the room. That dresser is gorgeous. Wow!

    Hope your laptop hangs in there!! Have a great weekend. =)

    ~ Catie

  2. Looks adorable! I saw you linked up on Serenity Now and noticed you have the same lamps bases I have in my little guys room (which I also just revealed in the link party) Funny timing, while our theme is different our color schemes are similar! Love the dresser, such a beautiful piece! Looking forward to seeing more as I just signed up as a new follower!

  3. I love the wall art with the stripe. It looks great! And those metal signs are really cute. Nice job!

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