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The No-Fuss Party {Celebrating Reid}

Dear Friends,
Reid turned three yesterday.  It is hard to believe that my baby is now a potty-trained big boy who sleeps in a bed and no longer naps.  At least he still has baby cheeks.  And a deep love for his Mommy.


I think Reid’s birthday will always be a marker of some sort.  Because he was born with no heartbeat and had a traumatic first few days of life, this day will always be a gentle reminder to be thankful for his presence.

And he has a presence.  Little boy is not short on charisma.

Being Reid’s mom has been humbling.  I can’t think of many days where there wasn’t a challenge or obstacle in the forefront.  That being said, he has a lot of love to give.  And a lot of joy to share.

Reid loves his sister almost as much as he loves me.  He is definitely a ladies’ man.


Last year, I remember we were struggling with his sensory issues.  He was throwing up all the time and couldn’t handle much food.  This year, I can celebrate the enormous strides he has made in that area.  Throwing up is down to once a week maybe which is monumental.   He still gags on anything he doesn’t like but his tolerance has increased for sure.

I couldn’t be prouder of his success in preschool this year.  He only goes twice a week but the fact that he obeys and sits in the circle is a welcome relief.  He does struggle with transitions but we are working on that.  His teacher loves him but his charming ways have helped his cause.

I’m hoping our food changes will prove to be another positive step forward for us.

Reid discovered Lightning McQueen and the Cars movie a few months ago and life has not been the same since.  So, it was only fitting to celebrate his 3rd birthday with Mater & the gang.


I decided to go low-key on the party-planning this year and it worked out for everyone.  Nobody was stressed and Reid loved the party store decor.  I think it was everything a little boy’s birthday party should be.  And I wasn’t worrying about staging pictures for a blog post.

That being said, I figured I’d share since y’all didn’t get to come.  Family only, I’m afraid.


I used some of last year’s Mickey decor.  I also brought some of the primary colors from our playroom down into the kitchen to blend with the in-your-face Cars themed decorations.


For the party, I bought Cars plates & napkins, a red tablecloth, coloring books for favors, and a set of wall banners.   I used a lot of stuff from around the house as props.  Blocks, construction paper, toy cars, and a pennant to name a few.


Last year, I was up until 2 am dipping marshmallows in chocolate.  This year I was finished by ten and a bakery cake was just what the birthday boy desired.    Who knows what will happen next year?

coloring_table_cars The coloring table was a hit again this year.  I printed off coloring sheets from the internet.


And fun was definitely had by all!  It may not have been pinteresting but darn it was a good time.

Three cheers for three years!



  1. I was just looking through Krew’s birthday post and thought to myself, Oh, I have to go see what Erin did for Reid’s birthday!! 🙂 (I’ve been waaaaaaaaaaay out of the loop in the blogosphere lately!)

    It looks like it was a wonderful party. And your “no-stress” party still looks fancier than the party I did which stressed me out to no end haha.

    Krew has pretty much stopped with naps, too. It’s sad, but sort of fun because that restriction is gone for now (until Grey can no longer nap in his carseat).

    Krew absolutely loves Cars, too. There was an adorable pinata at the party store when we were shopping for his birthday, but instead Krew really really really wanted the horribly ugly and plain Cars pinata. And it was $5 more! I was like, for real? Are you REALLY going to make me spend my money on this? For sure he did.

    Glad Reid had a good time. And I’m glad his food tolerances are getting better! Gagging and throwing up are no fun. 🙁

  2. it was boring at parts, but i don’t know if the boring parts made me appreciate the hulk smash sequences more, or if i’d like a full 90 minute action movie with no backstory. also, it must’ve cost a shitload for the hulk cgi because it looked really good, so i understand if it wo1d8&#l2u7;ve been too expensive.

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