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Update Knobs with Gold {mini-project}

Dear Friends,
Gold fever has taken over.  Everyone is adding hints of brass and gold to decor.  Gold jewelry is all the rage.  All, I can think of when I think gold is Mr. T saying, “I pity the fool.”  I’m not ready to embrace gold in heavy-chained Mr. T fashion, but I’ve really noticed what a few touches can do.

I recently bought new knobs from Pier One for the toy storage unit in the family room.  I liked them but they got lost in the white furniture.  So, I had a little fun with gold spray paint and a washer from Lowe’s.


Washers can be found in the hardware aisle of your local home improvement store.  I slipped the spray-painted washer directly behind the knob and screwed it in just as I normally would.  It is important to make sure that the hole of the washer is not too big.  Fender washers have smaller holes and a bigger surface area which is what I ended up using (not pictured).

I love they way the gold ties into the center of the knob. I’m now imagining all the knobs I could update with washers.  Oh geez.



This project is about as cheap as you can get!  I got my spray paint at Michael’s with a 40% coupon and the pack of washers was less than $5.   I got the biggest ones that came in a pack.  In hindsight, I’d go bigger.  Go big or go home and all that.

Have you added any gold touches in your home?  Do you like the update?


I’m linking up with Amanda at Serenity Now this weekend.


  1. YOU are one smart cookie!! This is brilliant, girl–just the right foray into the gold mania without committing to something big and expensive!

    • Thanks, Richella! I spent so many years getting gold out of my house that I’m a little nervous to jump right back on the gold rush bandwagon. Happy you stopped by! 🙂

  2. That’s such a great idea! I’ve wanted to update the hardware on our hall closet, but I could find big enough knobs. There’s an extra piece behind the pull for some reason. This would be perfect! Pinning.

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