Two Story Cottage

Angels are Singing

Dear Friends,

Spring has arrived for real this time and the angels are singing.  FA-LA-LA-LA-FINALLY.  I can see buds on my rhododendron.  The hydrangea leaves are growing in.  Hostas are peeking out of the ground.  I’m also buying stock in Kleenex but I refuse to complain.  Coat my throat in pollen and throw inch worms in my hair; as long as I’ve got warm temperatures I’m happy.

Speaking of angels, I’ve got wings.


I had enough pep in my step last week to drag out our big ladder and hang the angel wings.  I knew I wanted them in that little space but was having misgivings about getting them up there. Like most things it turned out to be no big deal.

I like the wings for two reasons.  They help separate the family room from the rest of the house which is nice is an open floor-plan.   I also think that they ground the room much like the window treatments that I’m working on.   High ceilings are a gift and curse wrapped into one.


I’ve really noticed an ethereal quality since hanging them. When the light hits I feel like the angel wings take on a warm glow.  Perhaps a little cliche, but I like the good energy.   Other times, I walk by and they remind me of something on a motorcycle.  Either way, I like them enough to keep them in that spot.  I don’t see myself moving them.

I was initially unsure about angel wings because I’m not big on jumping on a trend bandwagon.  However, the more I saw them the more I wanted the real deal.  My diy version worked on the mantel but this pair was from decor steals and I’m glad I took advantage of the deal!

Do you like the angel wings?  Or are you over the look?




  1. Love ’em! Not too big, not too small, just the right size and as long as you keep the Harley in the garage, I don’t *think” anyone will associate the two:-)
    You have a beautiful home!

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