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Dear Friends,

Sometimes this blog gives people the crazy notion that my house is “perfect”.  Say what?  I dislike the idea of any unattainable, I’ve-got-it-perfectly-together image out there.  I’m sure Mr. C would be happy to correct any misconceptions.    We all have things that make us tick. For me, it is home decor.  Creating.  If it makes you feel better, the guest room could be confused with a storage unit.  Minus the dead bodies.

If you are looking for flaws, my car looks like someone has been living in it.  I’m afraid to dig through my purse for fear of what I might find.  For the love of Pete, just don’t let it be sticky. Eventually, I will clean them both out.  But the cycle will start over.  I’m as predictable as a TV sitcom.

On the flip side, I keep up with the laundry and the dishes and the paper clutter.  It is the only way I know to keep my inner slob at bay.  She is forced to live in my purse and in the car.


Take #43

Wait, wasn’t this post about jeans?

I’m in a jeans drought.  I’ve never, ever been in a jeans drought.  My “about me” page says that I love jeans.  I’m a recovering jeans-a-holic. I’ve been known to collect them. I have paid big money for fancy jeans and less than $10 for an Old Navy pair.  I still wear those by the way.

So, how did I end up with a closet full of worn-out jeans with holes?   For starters, I can’t remember the last time I shopped for clothes.  I shop for “home” things but recent clothes and accessories purchases have mostly come from Target or Marshall’s because both of those places carry home decor.  My socks have holes in them, my bra has been bleached too many times, and my pajamas have chocolate stains.

I’m about five degrees short of a hot mess, y’all.

Mr. C asked me the other day why I haven’t gotten new socks. Um.  I guess I don’t pass the sock aisle on the way to the home stuff?  In my defense, my kids are well-stocked in socks. Huh.

I’ve managed to stay in style with cardigans and statement necklaces and scarfs and boots.  I can mix and match with the best of them.   The styling part of home decor carries over to fashion which has kept me relatively in the loop despite my lack of new material.


But I need jeans.  And I  want good ones.  Not too heavy or I’ll feel confined.  Lightweight, butt- hugging but comfortable.   Not heavily distressed or adorned with a lot of extras.  Tough enough for the soccer field but dressy enough for date night.   Not so low that I can’t sit in My Gym without flashing the teacher.  Eww.

Now that I’ve poured out all of my imperfections, I need your help.  What are your favorite jeans?  Expensive or cheap, I want to know.

Thanks for your help!  Now, I’ve got some socks to throw away…







  1. Silvers (Suki to be exact) or BKE from the buckle. So comfortable. But I think you should go for some skinny jeans paired with a pair of pretty flats.

    • I need a pair of skinny jeans for sure!! I do have a pair but I’ve worn it to death. Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. My faves are from the LOFT — I have 3 different styles of theirs and love them all… almost as much as my 10 year old Old Navy jeans I can’t bear to part with! Good luck!
    xo Heidi

    • I should try Loft jeans! I have other pants from there that fit nicely…. hmmm. There is also one really close to my house. I’ve gotten a lot of stuff there but never jeans.

      And if Old Navy would just be consistent in their jeans, I could buy the same pair that I loved ages ago.

      Thanks for your input, Heidi! 😉

  3. I am loving the new Denizen skinny jeans from Target made my Levi’s (i think). They are stretchy, and flattering. They have a few different cuts/styles. For my body, I like the skinny curvy, but also have bought two pairs of the skinny ankle – a bit shorter, but not capris style, and super cute for summer sandals, heels, etc.
    Good luck! I also have ALWAYS loved Banana Republic’s jeans and have several pairs as well.

    • Okay, I am in Target enough – I will totally try those. Also, Levi’s used to fit me really well. I could see myself in skinny curvy too.

      I have one BR pair that I like but it was some sort of special style – not their regular so I can’t get them again and they are pretty worn out. I should probably check their again though. Target first!

      Thanks for your help!

  4. This made me laugh, because when I have $ to spend, I am so much more likely to spend it on the house. 😉 But I did buy myself a mega multi pack of white socks (just for around the house) at Costco recently, so I guess I have that going for me. 😉

    I love Loft and Eddie Bauer for jeans. My friend talked me into the EB jeans; I’d never gotten a pair there. They are my current favorites. 🙂

    • I should just buy a mega pack of socks. My problem would be solved. 🙂

      I am totally trying Loft jeans – don’t know why I didn’t think of that before. I wonder if our mall has EB? I will have to check …


  5. jerri c. TN says:

    You should try Joe’s Jeans or Hudson. Pricey but often are a deal on Haute & you will love them.

  6. LOL Paige jeans are my favs! You are SO funny! my inner slob has taken over…help.

    • I remember that you love Paige! Well, your inner slob is allowed to take over because you are an artist in the midst of another grand creation. 🙂

  7. GAP always skinny are the best!!! I am a curvy girl and they are the best skinny jeans style I have found.

    • I haven’t tried Gap in years but my sister wears them so I should try… so many jeans so little time. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Hmmmm….SO may GREAT jeans to love it’s hard to pick a favorite! I love, Joe’s, Loft, Gap and Lucky. Take a look at to try a few expensive brands for MUCH less.

    • I haven’t heard of liketwice but I’m on a mission now. I love a deal and a lot of the jeans I like are pricey! Thanks for cluing me in! 🙂

  9. Awww, Erin, I’m so behind on your blog!

    Loved this post and love your new blog design.

    I’m with you on the imperfections front. If I do a blog post it most definitely means that I didn’t vacuum that day. Or shower. Hahaha.

    My fave jeans are American eagle. The only ones that fit like a glove. Although I’ve never tried the fancy schmancy brands.


  10. Go to The Buckle. Don’t let the store front fool you. Ask one of the associates for help and take a friend for a second opinion. My current favorites are by BKE – drew or wendi.

  11. Halston Bloom says:

    As a fellow Mom of 2 (still cannot believe I was so critical of my figure before kids!), I hands down would eat Ramen for a month just to buy a new pair of JBrand Lovestory jeans. They cover everything even if I’m bending over for the millionth time to pick up the string cheese wrapper off the floor, they are so incredibly flattering, and some of them have a cool wide hem at the bottom. I’ve got two pairs. One pair hangs ceremoniously in the closet and only comes out to play when I want to feel extra special. The other pair I’ve allowed myself to wear as often as possible. The other great thing about them is there are no extra embellishments or signs that “market” the jeans, so no JBrand emblazoned across the derriere. : ) Downside is the cost. I always purchase them on sale.

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