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Whimsical Dresser Makeover

Dear Friends,
Sometimes I struggle “defining” my style.  I KNOW what I like but it doesn’t always go together.   I love beachy, colorful, bright fun decor.  I equally adore quiet, peaceful, serene neutrals.  And you will find both in my home because I’m quirky like that.  I’m always trying find ways to blend my tastes.  Sometimes you have to go for what feels right rather than what will work.

Enter the latest dresser makeover.  It is probably too much for the breakfast room.  However, I had a vision for the piece and I just couldn’t stray.  Call me stubborn.


Yeah, she doesn’t blend.   Luckily, the breakfast space is bright and a little more fun.  But I think the dresser just turned it from cheerful to over-the-top-megawatt-happy.    So much for an under the radar makeover.


Remember the before?  Not so noticeable.


I like the retro vibe that the wallpaper gives.  I was first introduced to the Coronata Star wallpaper (by Osborne & Little) at my friend Beverley’s mid-century family home.   It was the yellow version and love at first sight.  I vowed that if I ever came across it, I would buy  it. Considering it is European, that didn’t happen.  I was able to hunt down some remnants online though. Partial rolls are the way to go for a project like this!  People are looking to get rid of their “extra” and it is much cheaper.  You don’t have to buy a $100 roll of wallpaper when just 10% of the roll is needed.    Interior design shops sometimes have wallpaper extras in addition to fabric remnants.


Using wallpaper in a furniture make-over is a quick and easy way to make an impact.  The tutorial for this is simple.  I measured the square, traced it out on the paper, and cut it out.  I then used the initial square as a pattern and traced on the back of the wallpaper eight more times.  I did pay attention to where the stars were so sometimes I spaced accordingly.   After cutting I applied PLENTY of mod podge to the drawer itself and applied the paper.  I used a wallpaper smoothing tool to avoid bubbles.  Remaining bubble-free is the hardest part of this method.  A couple of times I had to take it off and re-apply mod podge.   Make sure you let it dry ALL THE WAY before putting on a top-coat.  Otherwise it will start to bubble.


I decided that the piece could use a little more dimension.  I “glazed” each section using stain.  I focused on the wood trim surrounding the paper but let a little get on the paper here and there for interest.  The glaze doesn’t dry on a slick, finished surface for several days.  I found it to still be “open” and “workable” at least half an hour after applying it.   I feel like the glaze helps marry the wallpaper and furniture.  It gives it more of a finished look.  This is similar to the tea stain that my friend Ashley uses in her work.


I prefer the mod podge method to the spray adhesive method I used on Lacey’s dresser.  I am planning a post to explain the pros & cons of each!  The best thing about this?  Perfection is not required.  When a piece was slightly big I just creased it right into the corners with the smoothing tool.  There is interest in the non-perfect and that is what a custom piece is all about.  After my HUGE mess-up on Lacey’s dresser, I lost all fear regarding wallpaper.  I know now that nothing is irreparable.

Reid complimented me on the dresser so I’m currently flying high on the praise of a three year old boy.  I hope you like it!


P.S.  Yes, I know, the china cabinet still needs crown moulding.  I’ll get to it when the weather warms up.

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  1. I think it looks super cute!!!!

  2. I DIE. You are KILLING me with AWESOMENESS.

  3. Sooo cute!!

  4. I think it’s fantabulous!!!

  5. I’m calling you awesome!

  6. Super cute…did you already say this…what is the paint color and where did you find the drawer pulls? Thanks!

    • Oops – I didn’t say where the drawer pulls were from! Good call. Got them at Pier One. There wasn’t any painting involved – just the wallpaper and the “tea stain.” 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Love this piece and it adds so much interest for the kitchen. As for over the top or too much…nonsense! The stripes on the ceiling say “This room is fun because we are FUN!” I think you can even ad some gold dry brushed (or Rub n’ Buff) on top of the stain if you wanted! Great job.

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