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A Friday Mish Mash

Dear Friends,

I’ve got a nice pile of random stuff to share so I thought I’d cram it all together for a little Friday mish mash.  Home decor finds and cell phone tower tales wrapped together like a pig in a blanket.

I made a stop this week at my favorite home decor market, Black Lion located in Pineville, NC. There are a zillion booths with all kinds of fun things.  I bought a couple of little things but nothing major.

photo 3

Fuzzy i-Phone pic but I love the look of that bench!

photo 5

B is for blues and boxwoods.  Ahh.

photo 4-001

I  need to change my dining room table-scape and make it more summery!

photo 1
 Those doors are divine as is the painted chest.


photo 3

Do you see that random tree?  Wait, how could you miss it.  That is someone’s idea of disguising cell phone towers.  They have popped up all over town and it makes me feel like I live in a comic strip.  I wonder how many tax dollars that took?  I didn’t really notice the towers before but now that we have trees floating in the air I can’t help but see every one.

photo 4-001

We remembered our dear departed dog, K.C. this week on her birthday with a mini balloon launch. This was Lacey’s grand plan and it is sweet that she cares so much.   Both kids were really excited to send K.C. a present.

This has been a busy two weeks as activities end and school stuff escalates.  May is the new December, didn’t you know?    I mentioned that I have been out & about because I know my two mornings of freedom will soon cease to exist.   I don’t mind – bring on the summer as long as we can dump the schedule.


Tomorrow I have another Saturday floor-plan for you!


  1. Wow, those towers look so goofy! And I thought ours were bad…we have cell towers disguised as pine trees… the desert….where the mere presence of a non-Joshua-tree is odd, let alone a majestic pine! In Palm Springs (still the desert, but they’ve brought in palm trees as the name suggests), their cell towers are disguised as palm trees, so at least they don’t look out of place haha. Anyway, I’m sure (hoping?) that cell providers actually pay for their own towers, not tax dollars 🙂

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