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Fabric Hunting: Your Opinion

Dear Friends,

I’m about to ask your opinion.  However, be warned I might not take it.  Isn’t that annoying? People are always asking me my thoughts on house stuff and then they end up doing whatever they wanted to begin with.  I guess in our gut we know what we like.

I’m having the preschool-is-almost-out-panic.  I’m thinking of all the things that I’d rather not wait until September to do and cramming them in my last few free hours. Last year, my end of school frenzy resulted in wallpaper samples which lead to wallpapered ceilings.  Who even knows where this desperation will take me?

This year I’m focusing on fabric.  Specifically, I want new family room pillows.  It has been almost a year since getting the rug for the ottoman and I still have nothing that coordinates with it.  I’ve looked haphazardly but the time has come to go custom.  The pattern is strong and not just any set of pillows will do.

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Yesterday I perused fabric for 2+ hours at a local fabric store.  I will price out everything later but for now I decided to create groupings with potential.  We have no plans to trade out the couch or chairs any time soon.  We have had them for 10+ years and they are in great condition.  I need to incorporate the neutrals from the foyer and dining room and the color that is in the kitchen.  The family room transitions between the two.

photo 2-001

The buffalo check pillows are mine – they have been in a basket in the dining room but I pulled them because I thought they had potential.

photo 3

 Same grouping except the bottom right fabric.

photo 4

Same grouping except the bottom right fabric.


Interestingly, my favorite in the pictures is different from my favorite in person.  I know it is hard to imagine all of that coordinating but once you see it with furniture it works.

Green couch, yellow chairs, tan-ish rug, bold ottoman, blue room, neutral foyer, bright & colorful kitchen with yellow stripes.  I’m trying to ACTUALLY pull it all together!!

I have this fabric checked out until Thursday which is my next free morning.  Thoughts??  One, two, or three?




  1. one or two but not three.

  2. I vote option 1 – love, love, LOVE that floral fabric! Do you happen to know who makes it? Fantastic colors!!

    • That one is my favorite and probably the one I will go with. I do have all of that info and I’ll add it here in the comments later when I’m at home. Thanks for your input! 🙂

  3. My vote is #2. I like the floral medallions vs. the organic floral.

  4. It is so hard to choose…I like all three of your options! If I had to choose based on the pictures, I think I would choose Option 1. However, you’re right–things do look different in pictures. I like to see colors in natural light and feel the weight of the fabric with my hands. I’m confident you will make the best decision and I look forward to seeing the finished product! (Are you making the pillows yourself?)

    • Thanks, Dianne! I like option one also. Fabric is definitely something that translates better in person. I’m going to price everything out and then decide on the pillows. I can do simple pillows but I’m not sure I can do a zipper or knife edge. We will see!

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. #2

  6. I love #1 also! You have chosen beautiful fabrics! I have the same task ahead of me. I love fabrics, but it’s so much harder picking them out for yourself than for someone else!

  7. I think two is my favorite. Clearly I’m too late, but just getting around to checking email now. It’s been ages since I’ve enjoyed my favorite blogs or blogged myself. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing what you’ve chosen.

  8. Definitely definitely Number 1 !!! Love all the fabrics and I think together they really sing! xxx

  9. Deborah says:

    My choice is #1. The colors go well with the ottoman. However, #2 would look well too and bring out some more of the grey-blue to accent the bench you covered. They are all beautiful fabrics!

  10. I really like the fabric in 2, but I’ve gotta say 1. It works better with the other swatches.

  11. Samantha says:

    I really like the option 1 fabric, just concerned about the scale of the pattern? Hard to tell but definitely my fav!

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