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Fanciful Foyer Factoids

Dear Friends,

I enjoyed my first-ever blogging vacation but by the weekend my fingers were a little twitchy for the keyboard.  School finished a week ago Friday and we were out the door prison-break style Saturday morning, headed to Kiawah Island, SC.   We ran head-first into summer and I can’t stop smiling.  I’ll leave the details for a Friday post but suffice it to say I’m a fan of Kiawah.  I now understand the hype.


Today, you can find a snippet of my foyer at  They are doing weekly features on different rooms via CNN Living. Because I get a handful of questions weekly on the rug and wallpaper, I figured I’d put it all in one spot where people can find it.

This is the spot.  And that was my Monday dose of sarcasm.


One way to design a room is to choose a focal idea and build around it.  In this case, the wallpaper was my building block.  As soon as it went up I had a vision for the space.   So many of us have open floorplans now and it can be hard to define walk-through spaces like the foyer.  I felt like the wallpaper created a true space to highlight.

If you are interested in wallpaper, I highly recommend browsing through the books at Sherwin Williams.  They have more than you can possibly look through in an afternoon.   Wallpaper is like fabric – it is much better to see it and touch it than to try and make a choice via the computer screen.


The hopscotch rug is from CB2 and was a lucky find.  I spotted it and immediately alerted Mr. C to Christmas present potential. FYI, it does go on sale from time to time.


The demilune is an antique passed down from my husband’s grandmother.  It is without question the nicest piece of furniture in our house.  I’m a sucker for the shape. The curtain serves to stop the eye from going up and up and up.  I’m not a huge fan of the mile-long two story foyer and the row of hooks helps to ground it all.


Not only is the foyer tall but it is long.  Like sometimes I think I could hold a 50 meter dash from the door to the family room.  With the hopscotch included, I could host a mini-Olympics.  Take your mark, people.  Except there is no hopscotch in the Olympics. Sigh.  I guess I’ll have to stick with curling.


Didn’t you know that dogs can play hopscotch?  Buddy is known for stealing the hopscotch “rock” that is really a nerf ball.


Usually, he naps on the rug in the afternoon when the sun comes in.  I can never seem to sneak a picture when he is asleep. My footsteps are treat-potential I suppose.

The Nitty Gritty: 

*The wallpaper brand is Candice Olsen for York.  The pattern is DE8866.

*The wall color is Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams.

*The clock is a Pier One find from last year.  (The chair was a HomeGoods steal. But I paid. )

*The rug is CB2 .

Next week I’m going to do an update on the dining room because I’ve made quite a few changes.  It coordinates with the foyer so consider it a package deal.

Oh, and you can find the frames from above here. And the original hopscotch rug post here.

Is your foyer a conversation starter? Do tell.





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