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A Simple Solution Using Washi Tape

Dear Friends,

Confession.  I’m a last minute present-wrapper.  Shake your finger at me all you want but I always seem to be up late on the eve of whatever holiday requires wrapping.  At 11 pm, Thursday night I was staring down 12+ rolls of Christmas gift wrap wondering if a late night Walmart run was in order. Six year old girls don’t appreciate poinsettia gift wrap on their birthdays.  I don’t know how I ran out of birthday paper exactly.  There have been a couple of Lacey-orchestrated stuffed animal birthday parties this summer that may have been the culprit.

I knew a solution was in order because there is no way I was really going errand-running at that hour.  I can thank my procrastination for many light bulb moments in my life, including this one.

Y’all, I turned the Christmas paper inside out and then decorated the presents with washi tape.  I’m not going to lie, it made me feel pretty resourceful.


I know in the pin-it universe that many have done this before but I’m new to the game so let me bask in my new idea.

I took an iPhone picture at midnight but that isn’t exactly blog beautiful.  Therefore I thought I’d share a few other washi tape present wrapping links that I found while browsing Pinterest today.


via Little White Whale

Picture 15





Tiny Prints Blog



If you aren’t familiar with washi tape, it is a decorative masking tape that you can find most anywhere that sells crafts.  Target and Walmart even sell it.  I find I like to keep it in the kitchen drawer as it has many uses!

Lacey had a great birthday by the way.   I won’t be blogging about the party this year because we did it at a local gym.  No decorating necessary!  She loved every minute of it and I didn’t stress about party-mom syndrome like last year.

Are you a washi tape fan?  Any procrastinators out there?



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