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Birthday Questionnaire: Lacey

Dear Friends,

Today is Lacey’s sixth birthday.  And I have to say I’m a little flummoxed by the whole “six” thing.  I just can’t quite wrap my brain around that number.  I was perfectly content with five yet here we are.

Last year, I started a birthday questionnaire tradition, thanks to a download from Lelou Blogs.  I got a kick out of reading the 2012 version so I know that each year it will provide a good dose of “where we are now.”


And just for kicks, here is a link to last year’s version.

The funniest thing about these questionnaires is that they are directly proportional to anything that has occurred in the last six hours.  That being said most of it rings true.  She is taking after her Mama with the ribs & wings.   She very clearly did not like her quesadilla at dinner, thank-you-very-much.

The most humorous switch from last year is her taste in music.  Sweet preschool songs are being replaced by catchy pop tunes.  I hold art class directly responsible for “Who Let the Dogs Out?” because that is the kind of music that really awakens your inner muse, apparently.

Here’s to hoping that six doesn’t take the sweet out of my girl!  She is goodness to the core with a handful of spice thrown in for good measure.






  1. "Great Aunt" Julie Smith says:

    Erin, She is precious! I love your website, I check it out all the time!! Julie

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