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Simple Summer Touches

Dear Friends,

Summer is in full swing despite the sudden rainy season.  Usually Carolina summers are full of blue skies and sweltering hot days that make you crave cool treats.  This year it has been like something out of the tropics where it rains and rains nearly every day.  Our grass is bright green which is unheard of in July.  Gone is the weather man with the doomsday summer attitude, forecasting triple digit temps while droughts dominate the forecast.  Umbrellas are the newest summer accessory.

Regardless of the odd backdrop, it is still the summer season.  Long days rule and I’m dreaming of coral colors and all things driftwood.

I’ve added simple summer touches in our home that reflect the time of year without overpowering our decor.  I want summer to be recognized, even celebrated but not in the sense of a shrine.  I really feel that you can do justice to seasonal decor without covering every surface with sunshines and surfboards.

If abundance is your bestie, by all means ignore my attempts at subtlety.


The dining room table has a summer attitude with a sparkly starfish and painted driftwood.


A hunk of driftwood and a glass container of shells dress up the corner cabinet.


Bright orange-y pink wooden coral adds strong color to the family room.


The hanging wooden chain from HomeGoods found a new spot this year.


More painted driftwood rests in the canoe on the side porch.


A big slice of watermelon will brighten any summer day, even in the absence of sunshine.

How is your summer so far?  Are you experiencing record-breaking weather like we are?



  1. Absolutely drowning here in ATL… I’m tempted to make a raft out of the pallets in my garage. 🙂
    xo Heidi

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