Two Story Cottage

Colorful Outdoor Space, before & after

Dear Friends,

Last week, I introduced you to my sister’s deck via her staining project.  This week, I want to show you the final product, trappings included.  A deck is just a pile of wood without the furniture and decor!  I think Emily did an excellent job of bargain-hunting and balancing color.  I love the bright feel it brings to the backyard.


I am enamored with that bistro table- a wedding gift from years ago.  They traded in the gray metal chairs for those yellow beauties from World Market.  What a difference it makes!


Yep, that is the same house.  The existing deck covers the sidewalk, steps, and front stoop making it a straight shot in the back door.  There wasn’t much they could do with this space, previously, especially considering the downhill.


The deck really changes the landscape of the backyard.  Hello, entertaining space!


Andrew & Emily bought a chair & ottoman set from Lowe’s that has a cool feature.  The chairs can hook together to become a love-seat!  It gives them a lot of flexibility depending on what they are using the deck for.


I wish I could get a better shot of the lights that they strung!  What a gorgeous area it will be at night.   Those cushions are fun too.


The built-in benches maximize the seating for any occasion!  The bench wraps all the way around the side of the deck. They are attractive also which is a bonus.  They plan on hosting cook-outs, tailgate parties, and bonfires using the portable fire pit.  I love how versatile the space is!

Well, there you have it.   A unique deck that is ready for action.  We have had a sudden heat wave here, but I have my fingers crossed for a cooler weekend.  I’m itching to spend time on my own porch!





  1. LOVELY, friend! It looks amazing. Hope things are well with you. Let’s catch up soon! ;}

  2. Love Love Love….great job! Christine from Little Brags

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