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Fun Desks that Won’t Break the Bank

Dear Friends,

My workspace came together quickly for once. The fact that I walked into Target and came out with a desk makes me sound decisive.  Although a record-setting purchase,  the process was a little more involved.  I’m not one of those people that can just buy something.  I have to research it do death.  Everything from price point, to size, to look, to online reviews.

I have commitment issues.  Maybe I should call Chris Harrison and ask for my own show. Don’t even ask me to go car shopping.  I’ll make lots of lists with columns and test drive 42 cars and spin around in a little circle until I buy the first one I liked to begin with.

Fortunately, I can share my research and feel less like a weirdo.   I came across many fun, functional desks at decent price points while shopping around.  I knew I didn’t want to spend big on a piece of furniture that was not a guaranteed “forever” so the less expensive, the better.




World market furniture


Writing desk

Painted desk


Target has a lot of their desks on sale right now!  Of course, I missed that.  Maybe I can take in my receipt and get an adjustment.

I’m pleased with my purchase so it all worked out.  Are you an impulse shopper or the “on the fence” type like me?


  1. Love this! Just pinned:) I’d love for you to link yo at my Work it Wednesday link party!

    xo, amy |

  2. i was just looking on world market and i love the Mint Schoolhouse Desk.

  3. I have brought back my receipt to Target, very soon after a purchase,
    and have received the sale price. not sure if there is a time limit tho.

  4. Great choices Erin, I am also thinking of doing my home office makeover. Will be asking you for tips! 🙂

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