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Gardening Gone Wild

Dear Friends,

As you know, gardening is not my forte.  I’m not hopeless, but my plantings are always average at best.  Never spectacular or even that noticeable.  Forget nursery-worthy!

On the plus side, I can usually keep them alive.  Occasionally, even resuscitate a plant in dire need.  I could earn a Girl Scout badge if I had to.

This summer was a whole new venture in landscaping.  As I’ve said forty thousand times, we had weeks of never-ending rain.   Due to nature’s own sprinkler system, there was growth- Jack & the Bean Stalk style.  It was such an anomaly that I’ll probably be telling my grandchildren about it.  The story would be titled , “The Summer the Plants Ate Our House.”


This is the part where you tell me I should have trimmed.


In my defense, I  planted, I watered,  and I even deadheaded which is practically above and beyond in my world.

Thank goodness I didn’t fertilize.


Can you tell I’m the girl who waits until her hair is split end central before a trim?

Luckily, it looks fine and dandy from the road.  Colorful and you can’t tell it is out of control.   Thank goodness nobody ever comes to the front door.


The seasonal plantings aren’t the only out-of-control landscaping.  We have bushes that have tripled in size. A few plants bit the dust due to rot, but for the most part stuff has thrived and then some. 

I’ll be rethinking my summer planting choices for next year.  Of course, it will probably be a record-setting drought.

Is your landscaping on steroids?


You can see the “before” here.  Crazy-town, I tell ya.



  1. I hear you about the jungle like vegatation from all the rain. First time ever my veggie farden didn’t thrive because of all the rain…last year it was cause of the drought.

    • I know several people who lost their gardens! So sad. I’m kind of glad I didn’t pick this year as the year to start. Then again, maybe I could have grown the world’s largest zucchini or something. 🙂

  2. Hydrangeas and Harmony says:

    I had to laugh that your ‘hose is hostage’! We had one plant that kept growing and growing until I finally realized it was some strange weed trying to masquerade as a non-blooming daisy. My butterfly ‘bush’ by our mailbox took over too and became more of a monster butterfly ‘tree’! We just transplanted it yesterday… I’m expecting thanks and gifts from our mail carrier. 🙂

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