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Update on Reid’s Jeep Room

Dear Friends,

It happened again.  Last week’s teeny tiny project paved the way to a wee bit bigger project. After Reid’s bedrail got an update, I was itching to work in his space a little more. His room was abandoned a few months back.  Honestly, I lost my motivation somewhere over the summer.


I finally added a much-needed bookshelf to store some of his goodies.  Little projects, picture frames, and other 3 year old boy treasures are on full display. We have had that bookshelf for several years and I honestly can’t remember where it was in our old house.   It has spent an embarassing amount of time on the floor of the guest room at this house.


Sometimes I think about painting those lamps.  They pick up the green in his duvet but they are a little much with some of the red.  Hmmm.  Maybe bright blue?


I also will probably put something on the dresser but I haven’t decided what yet.  Books or a tray or a toy or two?  Hard to say.

I see little boys spaces that sometimes make me sad because you know they reflect a designer as opposed to the boy in question.  I’m happy to report that this is a tried and true Reid room even if it won’t win any awards anytime soon!  I want to celebrate the very loose race car/Jeep theme without overdoing it.

And yes, I found another use for that duct tape.




  1. His room is adorable! I love the orange stripe and the signs. The lamps are really cool too!!

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