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Embracing Simple Staircase Garland

Dear Friends,

I haven’t done anything regarding Christmas decorating, but I’ve decided it is okay to think about it.   Small, steady steps are necessary for a slow poke like myself.  My ideal look is simple but with impact.  I’d like to have less decor, but without seeming paltry which is a tough fence to straddle.

Garland on a staircase is a great way to make a statement, especially right at the front of the house.  I browsed many images of outstanding garland that was worthy of the White House. Amazing ,intricate, fabulous garland but I just don’t see it happening here.

I had to search high and low for some images of garland that says “wow” but in a simple manner.


Simple, clean, and beautiful.  So appealing!

The decor fits the home in this case.

An innovative idea: using the bottom of the stairs vs the rail

This one is a little more involved but it doesn’t cover the whole staircase.  Still sweet and simple.

A very natural look.

That floor and that swag in the garland!

Simple but effective.

Simple decor is like makeup.  The goal is for it to look good but not over-the-top.  You might try really hard for the look where you supposedly didn’t try at all.  Just because someone’s decorations are more natural doesn’t mean they threw it together.  Either way it is time consuming, but I’m really embracing the “less is more” theme this year.

Well, I am in theory.  We will see what happens the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Do you like more or less when it comes to Christmas?  There is no right answer in this case! Just because I’m trying to simplify doesn’t mean we won’t have dancing, singing Santas and snowmen.


  1. I love the garland in that first image! So clean and classic – and so beautiful all at once. You’re absolutely right – just because it *looks* simple, doesn’t mean it was easy to put together!

  2. I go back and forth between more or less. Sometimes I like the simple but sometimes I just want to deck the halls and go crazy.

  3. I love the look of garland, but so often the garland overwhelms the purpose of the handrail: to hold on to when climbing or descending (or heaven forbid, falling) on the stairs. For that reason I prefer garland that swags, leaving regularly spaced sections of the handrail open and available. 🙂

  4. I did this same search just the other day! But I never thought of using the bottom of the staircase! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I want less this year too! I love the picture where they used the bottom of the stairs.

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