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Halloween 2013 Recap

Dear Friends,

Halloween 2013 is in the books.  I’m slightly relieved to turn the calendar to November.  This was Reid’s first experience trick or treating with his crazy allergies but it was smooth sailing, thankfully.  We had a fun night although I was a little nervous about having a bucket full of candy he can’t eat.  I’m lucky he was such a champ about it.  He was happy to gift it to everyone else.

This year we didn’t attend any pre-Halloween events and it made the big day so much more fun.  Instead of being “done” with their costumes, the kids were jumping up and down with excitement.


We had a tooth fairy and Daniel Tiger from the PBS show.  I let them both pick this year.


I embellished an angel costume from Target with a little felt and glitter and some plastic teeth. Most people figured it out so I’ll count it a success. Lacey liked it and she is tough to impress. Mr. C usually dresses up.  He is a fun Dad for sure.


One of the best parts of this Halloween was our weather.  We had unseasonably warm temperatures so it was wonderful not to freeze.  We didn’t even have to do any layering with the costumes.

Happy November!!




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