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Guest Room Update

Dear Friends,

There is good news on the guest room front.  I can finally see the bed after all of these months.  It is free of clutter – now we just need a visitor.   I carefully angled these photos because I’m still working on something for the wall.   I’ve had the same mirror hanging over the bed for almost twelve years and it needs a makeover.


The bedding is definitely eclectic.  It is a total mishmash of various pieces from our collection of bedding.  The quilt was a wedding gift.  The coverlet was from Target a million years ago.  The shams are also from Target as well as the sheets.  The gray pillows are an old HomeGoods find and the coral pillow is from the family room and part of my birthday pillow collection.


I’m not sure I would have chosen all of these things together but I like it enough to leave it.  And it feels nice to free up the closet space.  We don’t have a linen closet in this house so they are stored in the guest room.


The lamp reminds me of an antique.  I bought it forever ago with no place to put it.  They say when you love something that you should get it regardless.  I’ve really been trying the last couple of years to buy things I love versus things I like.

The best thing about leftover, random bedding is that I can make small changes over time without having to feel guilty about replacing things.

Do you have any bedding that isn’t matchy-matchy?



  1. Jaybird says:

    Hah….NONE of mine matches….much less is matchy!!! I do well to just make sure they all have the same colors included :^)
    Yours is truly beautiful……I wish you were closer, I am in love with your quilt!!

  2. Amanda M says:

    I love to use mis-matched sheets – my husband hates it! 🙂 Purple and lime….floral and stripes <3

  3. I love the mismatched bedding in your first room! It all looks wonderful together. I like the concept of buying what you love and finding a way to work it in. Thank you for sharing!

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