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Party Banner the Easy Way Using Bags

Dear Friends,

Today I was going to show you a few pictures from Reid’s pirate themed birthday party.  It was a simple affair but fun.  However, I’m putting the cart before the horse with a mini banner tutorial from the big day.  It seems that all my party pictures were on my cell phone – you know- the one with the black screen of death.  Therefore, I’m trying to recover them and it is taking some time.  I’m not giving up though!  I was able to get these mantel pictures because I actually took them with my real camera- after the party.

How about a banner that requires zero cutting or crafting?  Sounds like a plan, huh??


Party banners are the in thing of the decade.  Check out etsy and you will find a ton of amazingly cute ones.  Even Target and the party store are coming on board with their own versions.  I saw some cute ones at Hobby Lobby the other day.  I did not buy or make a banner but wanted to decorate the mantel at the last minute with a pirate theme.


I used favor bags, a hole punch, and twine to make the banner.  Not exactly rocket science, but a good tip for my fellow simple people.  I filled in between with 4 by 6 sheets of card stock that I already had.  The card stock looked like it needed something so I added pirate tattoos.


Yep, I tattooed the card stock and a few other things as well.  Those things come in packs of a zillion and you might as well use them.

That mantel will not land me any party planning awards but it did the job.  It said “pirate” and my little Captain Hook loved it.

I love a good short-cut , don’t you?  Wish me luck getting my pictures back.





  1. Really, really cute, Erin! Very clever. Happy Birthday to your little man.

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