Two Story Cottage

New House Tour

Dear Friends,

I’ve made you wait long enough.  I’ve finally got a full tour of the new house.  These photos are from the original house listing so you can see it staged for selling by the previous owners.  Once you have the lay of the land, we will start with a “where we are + where we are going” in each room of the house.  We did paint as well so we can talk about paint colors too!















Yes, the yard is small and we dropped two rooms but the amazing custom features, huge kitchen, and abundance of windows more than make up for that.   The previous owners had a very neutral, clean style that made it easy to move into.  I know I will fill it with too much stuff but I’m trying to adopt a more streamlined look.  They also kept it in amazing shape – you would never know the house was nine years old.  We will probably ruin that too with the kids and dog.  🙂

It isn’t a craftsman cottage, but I know I’m a lucky duck to land this beauty.  City living is a whole new ballgame for us but we have community green space and a park we can walk to.  I’ve got a lot more to say about each room! I can’t wait to update you on the details.


P.S.  Not pictured: secondary bathroom upstairs and butler’s pantry downstairs




  1. Congratulations, Erin! What a beauty. It is such a stately
    Looking home with so much character. It reminds me of the Georgian homes I remember
    seeing in Dublin. Wishing you lots of luck and happy memories in your new home!

  2. Cortney says:

    Wow that home is beautiful! I so miss homes in the South and on the East Coast. I live in Southern California now and it is just not the same. I am sure you are having a blast with your new canvas.

  3. Your new home is beautiful and very stately Erin. Love it! The rooms seem very spacious and the back yard has a nice entertainment space. We’d be moving out farther into the country if our daughter wasn’t commuting to UNCC soon. She has about 2 years left. I really want to move as our house is too big for us.

  4. Erin! It’s beautiful! I’m in love with the backyard you do have! It’s great based on those photos, but I know you’ll have a blast making it your own!

  5. What a beautiful home!

  6. ERIN! How beautiful! I’m so happy for you. Looks like you have a fairly new house in an old, established neighborhood–is that right? It’s gorgeous!

  7. So so pretty! I would love to make a move into a place like that.

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