Two Story Cottage

Family Room Beginnings

Dear Friends,

I want to introduce you to part of the family room but first we have to start in the dining room. It turns out there wasn’t room in the new house for all of our dining furniture due to the piano in the corner.  Not a shocker exactly – I knew our sideboard had to go because it is long and bulky. Long story short, I decided to put it on a long wall in the family room because I really, truly didn’t want to get rid of it. It isn’t a fancy piece particularly so it can work.  I did take all of the dishes out and put them in our glass front cabinets so I don’t have to worry about the kids bumping the table.


The color isn’t really right for that room with our current furnishings so I used some decorating tricks to detract.   I added a weaved table runner to lighten things up.  That didn’t quite do it for me so I filled the bowl with colorful items and I’m happy with where we are now.


I might change the knobs.  I changed them for the dining room years ago so I may see if I can find the originals.  I’m also considering a couple of other things on the wall.   The little chair could be painted a fun color.


Blogging is about pretty pictures and often images are manipulated for the viewer.  In this case below, I wanted to show you that our chair actually sits right in front of the sideboard.  I had to remove it for the photo op but that is where it permanently resides.  It swivels so I did angle it better for the photo.


I’m not finished exactly but the foundation is established and I’m keeping that as is.   Of course, now that I’m settled I’ll have to switch my bowl decor for a more fall collection but goodness knows I’m not worried about that today.

It is still summer after all.


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