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Talking Bathroom Mirror Options

Dear Friends,

My hair grew to hippie length this summer.  Maybe it is because I was lacking a bathroom mirror?  We’ll blame it on that and not my complete and total lack of hair care.  (I’m really going to cut it now that school has started).   Anyway, yes, we were mirrorless for a while in the master bath.  The previous owners had in the contract to take several bathroom mirrors with them.  They were building a house so understandably they wanted to use their own.  By the way, these were all decorative mirrors as opposed to the typical builder type. Being a self-proclaimed Queen of Mirrors, I was completely cool with using our own or finding new ones.

It turns out that finding large matching mirrors for our bathroom was a little trickier than I thought.  We have separate vanities (score!)  so I needed a pair.  For one of my summer Houzz posts, I decided to put together a collection of potential winners. It was an eclectic grouping and I included many for smaller bathrooms as well.  For more on my bathroom conundrum go here.


Truth be told, I didn’t actually go with any of the mirrors from the ideabook.  I was just not wanting to spend much at all on those mirrors.  We did find some at HomeGoods that seem to be keepers so I will keep you posted once the bathroom is camera-ready.  Here is a little before shot:


Proof positive that I have my messy moments.  Ahem.








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