Two Story Cottage

Going Gray

Dear Friends,

This summer I started a collection of gray paint swatches. It started off innocently with a card or two but spiraled into a burning need for more, more, more.  I may have contracted a case of paint swatch perfectionism.  I’ve got every brand known to man and yet I couldn’t pull the trigger on any of them.

The victim in mind was the drywall around the fireplace.  Since painting the back of the bookcases, I knew that I needed an accent color to play nicely with the yellowy green.  The Timothy Straw was a bold choice so I needed the gray to blend but not scream “here I am.”

Well, Sherwin Williams recently had a big paint sale.  It turns out I’m suddenly very decisive when money is on the line. I settled on SW Analytical Gray because I liked the taupey tones it gave off.

Here is the before and after:



I think I like it.  It is subtle and does seem to complement the bookcases. I have other ideas of fun things besides drywall on the fireplace wall but I’m not there yet. Honestly, my ideal plan is to redo the fireplace altogether but that is so far down the list that I might as well enjoy the paint.

I spy a puzzle in the floor. Nope, I’m not about  to risk moving a zillion piece puzzle.

The obvious thing would be to paint the rest of the room in Analytical Gray but I’m keeping it Antique White for now.  I’d love to plank the walls with a white tongue and groove so I’m biding my time until that is a possibility.  Also, with an open floor plan it isn’t easy to paint one room without painting others.

I feel like painting that little old wall is a small thing that makes a big difference.  It feels much more finished which is a good feeling.

Details for the win.




  1. I love grey, so happy to see it’s coming back in fashion. I currently have a grey or should i say ‘charcoal’ rug, blinds and accessories, teamed with mustard yellow in my living room, and it’s currently my favourite room of the house! I love how you’ve gone for grey here too because of the yellow tones I think it really complements the room.

  2. That’s a sensible answer to a chgnnelailg question

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