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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Dear Friends,
Mickey Mouse was in the house last weekend for Reid’s 2nd birthday party.  It was a family shindig with both sides represented.  The theme stemmed from our recent trip to Disney World.  Because of Blissdom, I really didn’t start planning or prep until six days before.  Each night I crafted while watching TV.  Everything was homemade because I didn’t have enough time to order anything.  This was our first party in the new house!


  • The signs were made using stencils from Michael’s.  I’m the only blogger who doesn’t own a Silhouette machine! My generous sister helped with the signage.
  • I made the wreath using tissue paper and styrofoam.  I will probably do a post on that one!
  • I made the favor tray using spray paint and styrofoam.
  • I made the graphic “We Love Reid” in Picnik.  Poop on Picnik for shutting down in April.
  • I made the invitation in Picnik using fancy collages.
  • The favors are Rice Krispie treats cut out with a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter, dipped in chocolate, and placed on a stick with plastic wrap and a ribbon bow.
  • Chocolate dipped marshmallows and pretzels added to our medley of chocolate. Reid is a big fan.
  • The Mickey shaped bowls are from Target.
  • The paper lanterns are from Hobby Lobby.
  • I made the cake and cupcakes.  The cake was not so pretty but tasty. I used two regular round cake pans and then cut the ears from one.  I am not a cake artist at all.  The cupcakes were my best looking yet!
  • Jelly beans and M&Ms were a fun addition to the decor.
There are not a lot of Mickey Mouse party supplies out there.  I’m assuming there is a big ol’ trademark that makes it impossible.  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was really all I could find and I didn’t want that.  I also refrained from browsing Pinterest this go around because I didn’t want to alter my ideas and I was afraid I would stray if I did!  I’m easily distracted you know.
Like most parties, it was a little crowded and a wee bit crazy.  Reid has a big personality and he handled it all well.  He wasn’t overwhelmed which was impressive.   I think though that he would be just as fine with a sparsely-decorated-immediate-family-store-cupcake-party which we may do next year.

Either way, a fun time was had by all so I think that spells party success.

I’ll be linking up with Amanda next weekend.

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