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Sofa Table Inspiration {Styling the Console Table}

Dear Friends,
   Since moving our console table behind the couch, I’ve been seeking out sofa table inspiration.  And there is plenty to be found!!  We are definitely at the work in progress stage but I probably won’t change anything too drastically until I add fall elements.

Ours after the quick family room furniture shuffle.

I love the stools and that bowl is a stunner.

A drop-leaf table makes all kinds of sense for entertaining. We just don’t have that much space.

Love the mix of a skinny table with deeper stools.

That glass wouldn’t last two minutes in my house but I love the color scheme.

I’m distracted by the vaulted ceiling.  I’d love to do something like that to ours to break it up.
Beautiful table- I like the single lamp choice.

I’ve never considered a sofa table outdoors.  Beautiful!

Emily has five kids and a lamp so maybe I can do a shorter one afterall. Love that beautiful driftwood!

From the HomeArama tour I went on last fall.
I love the stools- underneath- look. I can’t do that with ours because of the shelf. Handsome table!

I’m liking the task floor lamp as our light source because I spent two days with a not-so-stable lamp gracing that space. I did the “reach & grab” at least three times for fear of it falling over.  I think our issue stems from the fact that the area is a primary walk-through.  Or I just don’t have the right lamp.  Or maybe my kids are just barbarians.  

Any sofa table lovers or haters?  Do you find any of the above pics inspiring for your space?

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