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Console Table Take Two {With Lamps this Time}

Dear Friends,
This post is like the movie Ground Hog Day.  This is the third Wednesday in a row that I have discussed sofa tables.  Does that make this a series? Fortunately, there is a twist this time.  I showed you the console that we moved from the kitchen to the family room.  I said that I wanted lamps but I didn’t think that they would work because it is a high traffic area.

I lied.  Or fibbed if you would prefer a nicer sentiment.

The lamps work.  And I like them a lot.  I shopped the house for these guys – silly to think they were just down the hall this whole time.   I just didn’t see them like I do now.

Don’t judge the bookcase.  Work in progress and all that.
I was worried they were too high.  They aren’t.  You can’t see the bottom portion of the lamps from the other side of the couch which is perfect.  I need to do a better job of hiding the cords though.
Why?  Why do they work so much better than nicely arranged books and flowers?
I think that they give the kitchen and family room the separation that it needs.  I needed that anchor for the family room space.  It is such an open, walk-through that it wasn’t clearly defined.  The lamps say, “BAM- room change” which is what I was looking for.
I liked the other arrangement but having a lot of decorative stuff in that one area felt cluttered. Individually, it looked great but combined with bookcases galore it seemed to be too much.
Bottom line? It was making me twitchy.


Now, I just need pick up some museum putty to tack them down so we don’t have a broken lamp on our hands.   Pronto.  I’ll show you the view from the family room into the kitchen {with lamps} when the kitchen isn’t so messy.
I’ll stop talking about sofa tables now, mmkay?  And Wednesday musings was fun for July & August.  I’ll pick it up again one of these days but September is too busy for all those deep thoughts.  🙂

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